Disney+ is officially presented with an impressive catalog

The new Disney+ streaming service has just been presented, a platform that comes to compete with the big actors in the sector with a spectacular catalog full of universally known names and a really competitive price. A new service that will finally generate real global competition with Netflix that will have to compete strongly with this threat.

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Disney+ will be available from November 12 for a price of $6.99 per month or only $69.99 for a whole year, for the conversion to Euros we can assume that it will stay at €7 and €70 per year. Pretty attractive prices if we compare them with the current rates of Netflix, its direct rival. The rollout will be progressive but is expected to reach North America, Western Europe and parts of Asia by the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2020.

Within the content of Disney+ we have all the classic productions of the Disney universe stand out, 18 Pixar films, all the Star Wars movies, the Marvel movie catalog including Capitana Marvel, thousands of hours of National Geographic documentaries, some 660 episodes of the Simpsons or Fox movies like Deadpool. Between the titles that are going to be released in its initial phase we will have in the universe Star Wars the series The Mandalorian, the animated series of Marvel with alternative universes What If and the series of real action Lady and the Tramp.

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After buying 21st Century Fox for 71K billion dollars, the giant Disney has just complete the circle with the presentation of its streaming service internationally. It is expected that the service will start the first year with 60 million users and that in 2022 it will reach 90 million. The budget for own productions is only 1K billion dollars that contrast with the 8K that Netflix will spend, although Disney does not have to spend so much because it does not have to pay to use its franchises. It is expected that by the fifth year Disney has already 50 own series in development.

For now we do not know anything about the systems where we can see this new platform although Disney+ seems so powerful that it does not need to sign exclusivity agreements in hardware. As soon as it is available we will test it in all possible ways and we will keep you informed of its compatibility and streaming quality.

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