New DCH drivers for Intel GPU since 6th generation v26.20.100.6912

You can download today and install the new DCH drivers v26.20.100.6912 for Intel GPUs, a new version compatible with the Gemini Lake, Apollo Lake processors or the 6th generation Core or higher with at least Intel HD Graphics 500. These new drivers in addition to the classic game enhancements of the moment integrates the new control panel Intel Graphics Command Center (IGCC).



  • Support for games: The Sinking City, Steel division 2 and F1 2019.
    • Playability improvements and performance optimizations for The Sinking City*.
    • Improved Unreal Engine 4 performance.
    NOTE: This driver contains stability and security improvements.
    • Minor graphical anomalies may be observed in Devil May Cry 5* (DX12).
    • Fixed visual artifacts in Microsoft Edge browser when CM Anti-Aliasing (CMAA) is enabled.
    • Improved support for Universal Windows Platform media apps.
    • Improved HDR support.
    • Miracast is unable to connect successfully after graphics driver is uninstalled and reinstalled on 8th Gen

Supported models

  • 8th Generation Intel Core processors with Intel UHD Graphics 610, 620, 630.
  • 7th Generation Intel Core processors, related Pentium/ Celeron Processors, and Intel Xeon processors, with Intel Iris Plus Graphics 640, 650 and Intel HD Graphics 610, 615, 620, 630, P630.
  • 6th Generation Intel Core processors, Intel Core™ M, and related Pentium processors, with Intel Iris Graphics 540, Intel Iris Graphics 550, Intel Iris Pro Graphics 580, and Intel HD Graphics 510, 515, 520, 530.
  • Intel Xeon processor E3-1500M v5 family with Intel HD Graphics P530.
  • Pentium/ Celeron Processors with Intel HD Graphics 500, 505.
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