Echo Dot 5th generation on sale for a bargain this Black Friday

New substantial discount for the latest batch of Amazon’s smart speakers, the 5th generation Echo Dot in its versions with and without clock.

These new Echo devices offer us full control with Alexa for its functions, skills and other home automation components of our digital home and now thanks to its new designs and features we can get even more performance.

Speakers that are also compatible with a wide range of devices such as those used with the popular APPS TUYA or Smart Life that dominate the home automation market with hundreds of devices, so we can give voice commands to these devices. As in the other versions we can ask the assistant any questions, the weather forecast, play with him, listen to the radio, Spotify, Amazon Music and hundreds of other things.

echo dot reloj 2022

Echo Dot 5th generation, new features

The new line of Echo Dot 2022 devices have more powerful hardware, feature one-touch controls and an improved LED indicator. We can buy the version without clock or with integrated LED clock on the front. In addition to the time, you can see the title of a song or the name of an artist, the weather, as well as a calculation or a unit of measurement among other functions. The most notable new main features are as follows:

  • Bass up to twice as intense as the previous generation, redesigned audio architecture includes a custom full-range driver and the highest excursion speaker of any Echo Dot that delivers sharper vocals and deeper bass – all inside the device in its same compact, spherical shape.
  • Temperature sensors allow for more contextualized experiences with Alexa, such as the ability to ask Alexa to automatically turn on your smart fan when it’s too hot indoors.
  • With a single tap you can pause or restart music, snooze the alarm or turn off timers, or end a call without having to ask Alexa.

Echo Dot 5th generation price on offer

echo dot negro 2022

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