EmuELEC v4.0 released with big changes

New EmuELEC v4.0 version with important changes from the previous v3, this version that mainly focuses its development on the new Amlogic 64bit SoCs with more modern instructions.

This new EmuLEC v4.0 version has a very extensive list of changes of which we present a simplified summary of the most important points. To learn more about it, please read the official release notes at the end of this article.

  • Main support for Amlogic 64bit S905X2/X3/X4 and S922X processors.
  • Also compatible with Amlogic 32bit S905/S905X/W/H and S912.
  • Switched to new Crystal theme.
  • Added support for ROMS folder in the first FAT32 partition of the SD, makes it easier to access from PC.
  • New savegames folders = (/storage/roms/savestates/[system] or EEROMS/savestates/[system])
  • Added support for Dolphin – Wii, will only work on SoC S922X.

emuelec v4 n01

EmuELEC v4.0 Installation Tutorial

EmuELEC v4.0 extended Changelog

  • EmuELEC is no longer 32bit, it has now moved to AARCH64 (With some small parts still being 32 bit, like PCSX_Rearmed and Parallel64)
  • A brand new default theme made specifically for EmuELEC! Crystal!
  • For easy access with any computer a third partition (EEROMS) will now be created on the first boot as FAT32, which is where all the ROMS will be stored.
  • Update folder is now located in EEROMS/.update in case you want to copy the update files directly, its also still accesible from the samba share
  • S912 (Including most Pandora) will no longer be supported, if you have one of those 3.9 is the latest version
  • Most save states are now in one folder (/storage/roms/savestates/[system] or EEROMS/savestates/[system]) I might have missed a few of the standalone emulators, but if you find any issues with that, please let me know, please make sure you move them there if you plan to keep using your old ones
  • Introduced ee_defaults.txt to set WiFi, Screen Scraper and RetroAchievements, Language and Timezone)
  • Switch all error messages and scripts to use TvTextViewer, also improve how these are displayed
  • New emulator/cores added Dosbox-pure, Solarus, Tic-80, Mesen, DosBox-Staging, DosBox-X and others
  • Dolphin has been added to the Amlogic-ng devices, but it is only really playable on S922x devices and gamepad stills needs to be set manually. Will fix this on v4.1
  • Added many ports including Duke Nukem 3D, Sonic 1, 2 and CD, RigelEngine, Bermuda Syndrome, Hydra Castle Labyrinth and others. Keep in mind most of the ports still need the DATA as it is not included! (check Missing Bios in the Game Options)
  • Better Bluetooth manager and connection in general also Keep Bluetooth pairings even if doing a full reset
  • Most emulators and cores are updated
  • Support for the Odroid-Go Super
  • Full Changelog
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