EmuELEC v4.6, released with new features and compatibility

We can now download a new version of the EmuELEC v4.6 emulator that includes support for Rockchip RK356x and Amlogic S905X4 processors compatible with some TV-Boxes.

In this new version we have updates for the Cores (the cores of the emulators) and has improved support for many systems, although the results may vary depending on our hardware. Small bugs and compatibility with Wifi adapters have also been fixed.

For this version, you must use an SD or USB card of at least 8 GB, since now the base partition of the installation already occupies no less than 6 GB.


EmuELEC v4.6 Installation Tutorial

EmuELEC v4.6 Changelog

  • fakeroot: bump to 1.28 (from no-longer-existing 1.27) by @JohnnyonFlame in #884
  • Update libretro core cap32 by @miwasp in #886
  • Update hypseus-singe to fix some games by @miwasp in #887
  • Bump RigelEngine to latest version by @miwasp in #889
  • Fix audio stuttering in lzdoom again by @miwasp in #888
  • Multiple controller mappings – iNNEXT USB and PlayGame USB by @nwildner in #840
  • dev joy advmame fix – 1 controller controlling 2 players and more bug. by @Langerz82 in #891
  • Fix for mpv not compiling on OGA/OGS/GF by @miwasp in #919
  • fix fs-resize would break on 4GB drives, and EEROMS was not properly formatted on USB drives by @7Ji in #921
  • RK356x: update uboot for firefly devices by @shantigilbert in #926
  • EE-ES Multidisc creation support. by @Langerz82 in #923
  • implements installtointernal via a new package ampart by @7Ji in #928
  • introduce new emmc installation method aminstall by @7Ji in #930
  • Remove duplicate PKG_VERSION in bstone package.mk by @miwasp in #938
  • mount_romfs.sh: rewrite to properly support 2-partition layout by @7Ji in #942
  • ampart: bump version f0c3cc44; aminstall: misc fixes and better migration of EEROMS by @7Ji in #943
  • mount_romfs.sh: ensure /storage/.update is always mounted as long as EEROMS is valid; mount EEROMS when user-defined storage-roms.mount failed by @7Ji in #944
  • Misc packages fixes by @7Ji in #946
  • Revert RTL8812AU to previous version by @miwasp in #947
  • poppler: bump version 32fa288 (22.06.0) and deps fix by @7Ji in #948
  • jslisten: add systemd as dependency as it includes libudev.h by @7Ji in #949
  • emuelec-32bit-libs: fix typo PKG_BUID -> PKG_BUILD by @7Ji in #951
  • exfat-linux: seperate from linux to save build time by @7Ji in #950
  • Misc depedency fixes (qt-everywhere, ampart) by @7Ji in #953
  • Introduce actual multilib support by @7Ji in #956
  • Flycast Textures folders by @Kelvfimer in #960
  • Fix typo description heart of darkness by @Kelvfimer in #959
  • DuckStation Textures – Modify emuelec-dirs add /roms/psx/textures by @Kelvfimer in #958
  • lib32: optimize, behaviour change and mali fix by @7Ji in #957
  • Updating duckstation to the latest working version by @Kelvfimer in #967
  • Adding symlink logic in duckstation.sh to redirect to texture replacement by @Kelvfimer in #966
  • Add PKG_NEED_UNPACK to lib32 packages that need it. by @shantigilbert in #971
  • fheroes2: fix controller not working; SDL2 cleanup by @7Ji in #974
  • Fix assets dir in devilutionX by @miwasp in #976
  • fs-resize: raise storage size to 6g, allow omitting eeroms manually by @7Ji in #979
  • eemount: introduce package & change mount logic by @7Ji in #980
  • eemount: bump 4adf3138; init: fix disabled systemds units by @7Ji in #983
  • eemount: bump 2321603 by @7Ji in #984
  • force overwrite file on unziping files by @lihexali in #989
  • Update Emulators 4.6 by @Kelvfimer in #1013
  • lib32-libdrm: keep up with generic-libdrm by @7Ji in #1016
  • ffmpeg: fix dep x264; lib32-ffmpeg: switch to openssl by @7Ji in #1019
  • options: raise default ccache limit to 20G by @7Ji in #1022
  • package emulator advmame – patch for vsync to work with the fps. by @Langerz82 in #992
  • Bump bstone to latest by @miwasp in #1023
  • Update emulators 46 part 2 by @Kelvfimer in #1018
  • emulator – duckstation standalone – game controller autoconfiguration by @Langerz82 in #994
  • [Feature] Cloud Loading and Saving for retroarch auto saves and state saves. by @Langerz82 in #997
  • EE – joy common – controller – order fix and revision by @Langerz82 in #936
  • Check resolution fixes, Setres overhaul, cvbs fix other resolutions people could not see. Borders option added. AdvMame Exit Display Fix. by @Langerz82 in #1021
  • Update es_systems.cfg by @miwasp in #1054
  • Update 99-emuelec.conf by @miwasp in #1055
  • Set Resolution – Fixes by @Langerz82 in #1058
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