EWEAT DPM50 a new audio player for the most demanding users

Undoubtedly, the EWEAT brand is specializing in audio devices for the most demanding and the new EWEAT DMP50 is an example of this, since it has an exclusive hardware to satisfy the finest ears.

The new EWEAT DMP50 is focused for use in wired or wireless home network, although we can also do it from your local storage of large capacity. By properly configuring this hardware, we can easily stream high-resolution music from its built-in services.



In the EWEAT DMP50 we have an excellent audio output quality thanks to the powerful chips it integrates, such as popular ES9038PRO sound DAC that is combined with the new XMOS XU216 chip and native audio playback is possible up to 32-bit / 768 kHz PCM, as well as native DSD up to 512 without any effort. With this device it is possible to stream high-resolution music through any network PC, MAC or NAS drive.

As we can see in its internal storage possibilities the new EWEAT DMP50 allows direct file playback through its integrated 2.5/3.5″ hard disks up to 16TB and USB ports for connecting hard disks, it is compatible with the SAMBA service on our NAS or network. It allows direct use of 32-bit / 768kHz PCM, DSD 512 compatible files and supports ISO playback in any format.

It also supports Bluetooth aptX audio, DLNA, AirPlay system, Spotify, is compatible with Roon, qobuz Tidal, I2S, AES, Coaxial and optical output. In addition we have integrated LCD screen with all the information and a control app for our home network where we can interact with all the functions of this player.

Price and availability

  • The EWEAT DMP50 can be purchased at the official EWEAT store for a price of $1094 (€951) including shipping and handling.


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peter jasz

Eweat ‘DMP-50’ looks great. It’s beautifully built internally; circuit board, power supply and HDD storage is very well engineered. The ‘DMP-50’ offers a level of features and construction not found at double or triple the price. Amazing !

pete jasz

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