FIRMWARE: A95X F3 Air with Amlogic S905X3 SoC (10-24-2019)

New firmware for the TV-Box A95X F3 Air that includes the AMlogic S905X3 SoC, a Quad Core that integrates a Mali-G31 MP2 GPU. This new Smart Box is available in models with 2/4 GB of DDR3 RAM and 16/32/64GB of eMMc storage memory . Includes a Wi-Fi aC and Bluetooth 4.2 wireless connectivity chip in versions with 4GB of RAM and WiFi b/g/n for the simplest version with 2GB of RAM. In the connectors included in the plastic box are a USB 2.0 port, another USB 3.0, analog audio and video port, a 10/100 Ethernet connector, SPDIF digital audio output and an HDMI 2.1.

Price and availability

  • The A95X F3 Air TV-Box with S905X3 SoC can be purchased on from $27.50 with free shipping.

A95X F3 Air s905X3

Update Process


  • Not available

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Justin kayal

Hi I have a95x f3 air and I just went and plugged it in and it sparked and started to catch fire. I have pictures of the hardware if someone could tell me exactly what is ruined and if it’s fixable I would greatly appreciate it


Open a dispute and claim your money. Don’t waste time.

Nyi Nyi Han

My box is stop in logo. How to flash new firmware? Thanks


Follow the manual.

Nyi Nyi Han

Control write pll reg1 0xfffa0000:0x00005183 [15:32:27 673][HUB5-2][Inf]–Control write pll reg1 0xfffa0000:0x000000b1 [15:32:28 189][HUB5-2][Inf]–Control write pll reg1 0xfffa0000:0x00005183 [15:32:28 704][HUB5-2][Inf]–Write initial succeed [15:32:28 704][HUB5-2][Inf]–Upload encrypt at 0xff800228 [15:32:28 704][HUB5-2][Inf]–ulValue = 0x20444142 [15:32:28 704][HUB5-2][Inf]–Read encrypt value succeed [15:32:28 704][HUB5-2][Inf]–Download DDR.USB,size: 65536! [15:32:38 735][HUB5-2][Err]–Download file failed, sequence 0 [15:32:38 735][HUB5-2][Err]–usbWriteFile len=4096, ret=-116 error_msg=libusb0-dll:err [_usb_reap_async] timeout error [15:32:38 735][HUB5-2][Inf]–Failure : 1, FailureMax : 3 [15:32:49 281][HUB5-2][Err]–Download file failed, sequence 0 [15:32:49 281][HUB5-2][Err]–usbWriteFile len=4096, ret=-116 error_msg=libusb0-dll:err [_usb_reap_async] timeout error [15:32:49 281][HUB5-2][Inf]–Failure : 2, FailureMax : 3 [15:32:59 827][HUB5-2][Err]–Download file failed, sequence 0 [15:32:59 827][HUB5-2][Err]–usbWriteFile len=4096, ret=-116 error_msg=libusb0-dll:err [_usb_reap_async] timeout error [15:32:59 827][HUB5-2][Inf]–Failure : 3, FailureMax… Read more »


Try another PC.
Verify that you are using the correct firmware.


cuando la apago y la dejo asi por unos minutois y la quiero encender ya no enciende… ya la he flasheado y no lo soluciona, tedria k dejarala encendida siempre


Conectala a una regleta con interruptor.


Hi please reupload link in need of the firmware immediately


Link updated.


Hola, sin querer, mi TV box ya no funciona, se queda en el boot , dice “sin comandos”, ya no arranca el sistema de esta TV box


Reinstala el firmware usando un PC como se indica en el manual, aqui en español:


Última consulta, es para este modelo:

A95X aire amlogic S905X3
4 RAM 32gb, android 9


Link de compra y miro en la tienda?


Kim eres lo mejor, funcionó!!! Gracias por la ayuda!!!