FIRMWARE: Android 9 for X96 MINI with S905W SoC

You can download today a new ROM based in Android 9 valid for the TV-Box X96 MINI that includes the SoC of Amlogic S905W a Quad Core with ARM Cortex-A5 processors and a MALI-450mp5 GPU. It has 1/2GB of RAM, 8/16GB of eMMc storage memory and WiFi b/g/n with internal antenna. Connectivity level includes a pair of USB 2.0 ports, microSD card reader, HDMI 2.0 port, 10/100 network connector, connector for IR extender and finally an analog port for audio and video.

Update Process


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Hello sir good evening please can you help me I need software for x96q.q6x V2.3 18186


Thx bro it successfully 100%, i’m using Method 1-B because Method 1-A doesn’t work at all.
the problem is can’t update Google Play Store, can you give me solution?


What for Firmware should i Use? I want Android 9 update
In Recovery Mode i get this:

amlogic /p281 /p281


Hi I need firmware extracted from transpeed h6 using phoenixsuite


Thanks for ur reply they share latest version. I am unable to flash it. It is missing with boot partition all the ROM so need it with partition information

Zakarya Henno

After the installation is complete, 100% I have connected the TV to not working. I am trying to reinstall again. It stands at 2%. This message appears to me [HUB2-2][Err]–[0x10103005]Romcode/Initialize DDR/Download buffer/Read item data failed Please help and thank you very much

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Why make this so complicated and not make a zip file of the img? Most of us are gettting into recovery and can flash the ROM via it.


I started the update process and the screen just turn green and I can’t do anything, I tried to go to the recovery menu but nothing works


Can i just simply copy the zip file in I}USB and Update through Manual Update in existing Android 7 ? Using X96 mini


This firmware work for tanix tx-3 mini frist edition? S905w…


Can this firmware on this model having the same features just not be mini X96 Amlogic S905W 2GB RAM 16GB ROM


This firmware works for s905x ?


i have problem with the signature of this firmware: it Don’t work.


I have the version with 4Gb Ram and 32Gb storage memory. Does it compatible ? Thanks by advance


Happy to have an exotic box :-). Do you think it is a good idea to do the update ?


ciao, sei riuscito a trovare il firmware per la versione 4gb ram e 32 gb rom? io dovrei far l’aggiornamento perchè si blocca alla schermata di avvio. Grazie


Just to let you know, i’ve purchased a 1,99€ cable from Amazon and flashed the firmware following the instructions shown on this site and everything has gone fine! Thanx!


SDCard method using Burn Card Maker. USB card is ok, tested several types. Always get into the recovery menu.


Yes but is more unsafe, i’m scared of bricking my device. And also i’ve to buy the right USB2.0 cable type A to type A… I think i don’t have any other chance, probably my sd cards aren’t compatible with the device and have to use the PC method. Thanx for the answer!


Yes! I’ve the x96 mini 2/16, exactly the same shown on this article, i think the IMG file of Android 9 firmware linked to the article should be the right one to flash, by now i’ve the 7.1.2 installed on the device.
I was a bit scare because i’ve recognized that no one yet has installed it. Anyway i’ll try to updated it and hope that everything will go smoothly!. Thanx for the support!!! UR N°1


Hello P3pp8
Did you try this firmware? I’m having 7.1.2 as well and there isn’t any reply from sb who made successfully update. Please share is it stable and did you try update.


if i understand this file is OK FOR UPDATE DIRECTLY on tv with app update backup
its not necessary to unzip