FIRMWARE: RKM V5 with RK3288 SoC and Android 5.1 (07-24-2018)

You have now ready to download a new firmware based on Android 5.1 valid for the TV-Stick RKM V5 of Rikomagic. A small media player that incorporates Rockchip’s powerful RK3288 Quad Core SoC and includes 2GB of RAM, 8 / 16GB of storage memory, Dual Band Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 4.0. At the connectivity level, its Gigabit Ethernet port and its two full-size USB ports stand out. This firmware is dated on 07-24-2018.

  • The TV-Stick RKM V5 can be purchased at the official Aliexpress store of RKM from about $84 (€81) including shipping.

RKM V5 01

Update Process


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