FIRMWARE: TV-Box Alfawise H96 Mini with Amlogic T962E SoC (12-09-2017)

You can download today the factory firmware for the Alfawise H96 mini a device that includes the Amlogic T962E SoC Quad Core with Cortex-A53 ARM processors capable of reaching 1.5 Ghz and a MALI-T820mp3 GPU. They also include 2GB of DDR4 RAM, 16GB of eMMc storage memory, Dual Band WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0. As for connectivity in addition to the two HDMI input and output ports we find 2 USB 2.0 ports, microSD card reader, A/V conector, SPDIF audio output and a 10/100 network port. The operating system is Android 7.1 and have a IR remote control among the included accessories.

  • Buy the Alfawise H96 mini TV-Box in for only $59.99 free shipping.

Alfawise H96 mini


Update Process


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Hello. I own this box but I damaged it. I gave him 12v instead of 5v. In now i need wiring diagram or help 🙂 one of the uC burned. if someone would like to help me.


You can’t do nothing, don’t waste your time and buy another. My advice.

Mohammad Hmedat

The download links doesn’t work, can you upload it to mediafire?

You have a new mirror link with mega

Are you sure that this firmware from the model Alfawise H96 mini?
it’s not a mistake as on otherssites?
Many recognized that this firmware does not fit this model.


One shop has send this file to us specifically for this model… but anything is possible with this people. I can’t ensure at 100% the compatibility.
The previous wrong firmware is this:
If your TV-Box work don’t flash.

Lili & Lolo

When trying to update the box according to the instructions given, the box does not turn on.
the blue light is on and the android is not being loaded.
the video output signal is missing.
The computer does not detect.
How to solve a problem,


This is the official firmware shared by one shop.
Try to flash with using another PC.
The TV-Boxes don’t brick only for flash the firmware, maybe is a variant or are defective.
If don’t work open a dispute and claim your money, don’t even need to explain you do firmware flash.


If the other computer does not see it either? if the prefix is ​​a brick, then there is no chance to restore it?Its dont can close some pins on the flush in an alogy with s905?


If you find this pins you can try… but is very complicated with this kind of PCB. If you find it share the pin points here.
The best chance is open a dispute, send a picture of the black screen and the blue light.
This model looks problematic with the firmwares.


if I understand correctly, you do not know where and what to close on this board for the firmware.


I do not know, only the board designer knows.