FIRMWARE: TV-BOX T95Q con with Amlogic S905X2 SoC

Now you have available to download a valid firmware for the Box T95Q includes the Amlogic S905X2 SoC and from which you can read our REVIEW. In this box we find 4 GB of LPDDR4 RAM memory and 32/64 GB of eMMc storage memory, dual band Wifi and 4.2 Bluetooth. In the connectors included in the plastic box we find a USB 2.0 port, another USB 3.0, analog audio and video output port, a 10/100 Ethernet connector, SPDIF digital audio connector and HDMI 2.0 video output that allows 4K@60fps video with HDR.

Price and availability

T95Q S905X2

Update Process


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Chandrakumar Subramaniam

how to obtain latest firmware for T95Q 2019

If we don’t have published (use our search) then we don’t have it 🙁
Ask to your shop, they must share with you the firmware download link.
Share the link to help others.

Chandrakumar Subramaniam

hi kim,

I’m also waiting for the shop, which I bought online.. their yet to reply positively


hi.. i have bought T95Q – i need to connect touch foil on usb . the problem is the box doesn’t recognize the touch foil. I have discussed with manufacturer and they said will update the firmware to enable touch control and add vendor id and PID… but they are moving very very slow..

I need a solution to enable that usb device .. Any idea?



If you need this feature go for a a device with this option by default or you need to pay a developer for his work to add it.
Have a nice day.


hello kim i purchased this box from alibaba and it came with stock firmware i flashed a custom firmware from freak tab xtmod firmware and it was working good .i decided to flash stock back and after i flashed the stock there is no hdmi inout signal i tried different cables , new power adapter ,new tv port but no result can you please help


Alibaba? you mean Aliexpress i suppose…
Read this:
If you open a dispute simply say the box don’t boot, don’t mention the firmware thing.


No its from Alibaba I bought it as sample seller agreed to pay me 65% and keep the box I need not send him . He says Thier boxes are being sold by lot of people in Amazon and they are manufacturer s of it .I am from India and it gets charged alot to send the box back so I opted for the resolution . I was wondering if I can revive it back it’s getting detected in usb took and I am able to flash firmwares but no matter what I do there is no HDMI signal. The… Read more »


My recommendation, don’t waste time and buy another.
If the box brick with a flash don’t look good.