• Firmware Update Guide for TV-Box with Rockchip SoC RK3368 / RK3228 / RK3228 / RK3228 / RK3399

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    Today we present a tutorial to update the firmware of your TV-Box with SoC Rockchip like RK3066 / RK3368 / RK3228 / RK3228 / RK3228 / RK3399 in a simple way, we will need a PC for this firmware update procedure.

    • NOTE: AndroidPCtv is not responsible for problems that may cause a firmware change.

    What method do I have to use?

    • Method 1-A = I have a single file with .img extension (you don’t need to connect the TV-Box to a PC)
    • Method 1-B = I have a single file with .img extension (you need to connect the TV-Box to a PC)
    • Method 2 = I have a single file with .zip extension you don’t need to connect the TV-Box to a PC)


    • If the TV Box works well for our needs DO NOT UPDATE
    • If we don’t know what we are doing DO NOT UPDATE
    • If our TV-Box don’t work and does’t have reset button DO NOT TRY TO UPDATE , claim to the store.
    • Disconnect any other Android device that we have connected.
    • You always have to use a USB 2.0 connector (higher compatibility).
    • There are many TV-Boxes especially the cheap ones that are copies called ” clones ” that are incompatible with the official roms of the original models and can leave useless our TV Box or do not work the WIFI. It is impossible to know if we have a clone or not without opening the device and comparing it with another original. We recommend buying devices in the stores we recommend and if possible only known models from trusted brands.
    • If you do not find firmware for your model you may not have any brand support.

    METHOD 1-B – Update connecting the TV-Box to a PC with an .img file


    SD card creation notes

    • If the method does not work with one card try another, some may be not compatible
    • You always have to run the program as ADMINISTRATOR
    • If this process does not work use method 1-B of this same guide

    Prepare SD card to update TV-Box with SoC Rockchip

    1. Unzip the Rockchip Create Upgrade file
    2. Locate where you have the firmware file in * .img format
    3. We start the Rockchip Create Upgrade program as the ADMINISTRATOR (right click on “SD_Firmware_Tool.exe”)
      In the program we select:
      – Drive where we have connected the SD card
      – Activate the SD BOOT option in the program menu
      – Path where we have the IMG file
    4. Press the RESTORE button and the process of creating the SD card will start, it may take several minutes.
    5. With the TV-Box turned off introduce the SD card.
    6. Keep the reset button pressed and without releasing it we connect the TV-Box to the electricity to boot it.
    7. Automatically the update process will start, we must have patience it can take several minutes.
    8. To the terminal the process remove the SD card.
    9. We recommend doing a factory reset when Android boot: Settings> Backup> Reset


    METHOD 1-B – Update connecting the TV-Box to a PC with an .img file


    Connection notes

    • Each TV-Box has a specific PC connection port.
      We have to test the flash process with all ports, USB, microUSB or USB Type-C.
    • If our PC does not detect the TV-Box we recommend using another PC
    • We may have problems with our PC if we have previously installed another program to update an Android mobile phone or other similar device.

    Installing Rockchip Drivers

    1. Start the program for the Rockchip Drivers “driverinstall.exe” (execute like Administrator with right button of the mouse in Windows), press in Installrk3368-update-01
    2. In the Windows security message click on Install
    3. Close the drivers program
    4. Reboot the PC

    Update Procedure for a TV-Box with SoC Rockchip

      1. Disconnect the power cord on the Rockchip TV-Box
      2. Start the program “RKBatchTool.exe
      3. Click on the Firmware button “…”
      4. Select the Firmware file with extension “. img “and will be loaded on the screen.
      5. Hold the reset button on the device and connect with a cable from a USB of our TV-Box to a USB port on our PC (* See the previous connection notes if we have questions)
      6. The update program will detect the device almost instantly in one USB position (In the TV-Box we will have the black screen, if it enters the recovery is NOT correct)
      7. Select the RESTORE option and begin the update process
      8. When finished, a green message will appear.
      9. Wait for the system to restart and show us the Android desktop, this can take about 5 to 10 minutes.

    METHOD 2 – Update with an SD or USB using a .zip

      1. Copy in the root of our SD or USB the .zip file of the update (depends on the TV-Box one or the other is used, try both)
      2. From the Android system of our TV-Box we go to Settings, depending on the model we have one option or another, examples:
        – Application update in the list of apps
        – Settings> About the device> Update
        – Some TV-Box with the Zip in the root of the SD or USB with the flash button pressed when starting take the update
      3. When you ask for the zip file, we select it and click on load
      4. The update process will begin on restart
      5. Once finished we recommend doing a factory reset inside Settings> Backup
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