FIRMWARE: X96 MAX PLUS with Amlogic S905X3 SoC (09-01-2020)

New firmware available for download based on Android 9.0 to update the Smart Box X96 MAX+. This media player has the S905X3 SoC, a Quad Core with a Mali-G31 MP2 GPU. The firmware for this version is the one that integrates 2/4 GB of DDR3 RAM and 16/32 GB of eMMc storage memory. At the connectivity level it includes WiFi aC, Bluetooth 4.0 and gigabit network connector. The included connectors are a USB 2.0 port, another USB 3.0, analog audio and video port, a Ethernet Gigabit conector, SPDIF digital audio port, an IR jack and an HDMI 2.1 video output. Check our review of the Box X96 MAX Plus.

Price and availability

  • The X96 MAX Plus TV-Box with SoC S905X3 can be purchased at from $ 47.99 with free shipping.


Update Process


  • Not available

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Wilson Penha

I wonder why it has no support for USB Joystick for retrogames such as DragonRise Gamepad Vendor 0079-0006, I am trying to build my pinball arcade but that issue is blocking me, my X96 Max Plus does recognize the USB port connect but doesn’t get a thing from it, so it know there is something in there, just doesn’t know what, it seems the only thing it need it the driver hid-dr.ko 32bit file for Android 9/4.9

Anyway, anyone knows how to deal with this?


Did you find, the hid-dr.ko driver, or any gamepad .ko driver. I have the same box and i can’t pair my ps3 controllers

Last edited 1 year ago by Zarrosi

hello, does it work for x96 max plus 64GB emmc??


Usually… yes.
Ask your shop if they have a new firmware.

Rodrigo Martins

Hello! What the beneficts of this firmware?
How i can check if is the same version of original firmware, because i buy recently this BOX

CHANGELOG: Not available

Check the build date in the settings.

If works, don’t touch it.


Hi, does this works with the 4gb ram with 32storage space model? or do i need to install other firmware for it…just recently bricked my box by uninstalling system apps…


Hi. Yes.


this entire OS sucks… its so much headache its much easier with MXQ Android boxes!!! I am not a fan of the updated version of Android Systems any longer!


Hi Kim,
I want to ask about this firmware, can I update my x96 max amlogic s905x2 4GB ram with version with this firmware?
Thank you


Hi. This is for X96 max plus with s905x3 soc, not s905x2.


Hi Kim,
I recently purchased this box, with this firmware and it works great but. I got an xbox controller for it and it worked well once paired, the first time it paired, but once the box was restarted it wouldn’t pair at all, then I did a Connection Reset and it worked. Now after resetting the box again it will not pair. I have done all reseting including a factory reset, my phone will not pair properly either it seems. What should I try and is this normal or defective unit?


Hi. Check with another firmware or just connect a wire controller.


I went with a wire, get this went I plug in my new xbox series X controller the triggers are the right joystick axis, no profile for this controller Vendor_045e_Product_0b12.kl (series X) exists, when I goto add the profile it says /system/ is read only, I am going to try putting it under /vendor/ and see or rooting may work. Hopefully the next image has support.


How would you resolve this issue? The Generic.kl has axis 0x02 and 0x05 as Z and RZ, this is the cause of all the issues, it should be a more modern generic file to default to.


I fixed it, wanted to post an update for anyone else. Use X-plore to edit the Generic.kl files in both /system/usr/key-layout/ and /vender/usr/key-layout/, you may need to rem the joystick/trigger inputs in /system/usr/key-layout/Generic.kl.