FIRMWARE: Android 9.0 for the X96 MAX Box with S905X2 SoC (06-19-2019)

Now you can download a new ROM / Firmware with Android 9.0 for the Smart TV Box X96 MAX that includes the Amlogic S905X2 SoC. This firmware is for the TV-Box with 2GB RAM and Wifi b/g/n  and 10/100 network interface. The included connectors are a USB 2.0 port, another USB 3.0, analog audio and video port, an Ethernet connector, SPDIF digital audio port, an IR jack and an HDMI 2.1 video output with support for Dynamic HDR. The installed system is Android 8.1 in its classic version and an IR remote control is included. Read our detailed REVIEW.

  • The Box X96 MAX with SoC S905X2 can be purchased on from $ 36.79 free shipping included

x96 max s905x2 pre d01

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Rafael Leal

Is this link (4gb) compatible with gigabit / 64gb model? Another question: is it possible to convert “regular” tv box with “pure” Android into a box running Android Tv OS? Can I just install Android Tv OS firmware? I believe this firmware link above is for the regular Android 9, not Android TV, is that correct? Regards, Rafael.


Usually only the ram is the important key.
You need an Android TV custom firmware for this exact box.


I try to install spotify, but it say that it is not compatible with this version.
I used the Firmware / ROM for X96 Max with S905X2 SoC and 2GB RAM (06-19-2019)


Download the spotify apk and install manually with a file explorer.

I have installed gt1 mini rom to my x96 max 4gb 32gb and it boot fine but ram showing was 2gb only and this rom not working with my remote so i reflashed stock firmware but still it show 2gb ram , i flash my old twrp image but still 2gb ram instend of 4gb ,can you help me what is actual problem



First time i hear this, use aida64 to check the ram size.

Raju Hemnani

Yes i checked with aida64 already and it show 2gb . Also when i purchased new box i was checked with aida64 and it was 4gh ram . What do you think may be seller has cheated me to show fake ram and when i install fresh rom it become 2gb .



Shops don’t waste time in this things.
Open the box locate the ram chips and calculate.

Raju Hemnani

Also ethernet ( lan ) port is not working and fornt LED and display not working , in ir remote when i click on mouse button it not bring mouse arrow key . Can you suggeget any stock rom with root to resolve issue ?

Raju Hemnani

Problem get solved by instaling new stock rom for 4gb .

Now i have 4gb ram , front led working , ir remote mouse mode working ,ethernet not checked but i think it will work .


Raju Hemnani

Yes but it is for 2gb model , 4gb i rom has 1.7gb file size .you can add this link to this site so it can help other user also.


Oh, i understand, thanks!

Hi, its AndroidTV version?

No, just Android classic.