FIRMWARE: ZIDOO X9S y X10 with Realtek RTD1295 SoC version 2.0.15

You can download today a new firmware v2.0.15 for the TV-Boxes Zidoo X9S and Zidoo X10, some models based on the SoC Realtek RTD1295 designed to play multimedia content at the level of audio and video at very high quality. These are the models we usually recommend for those who want to connect a hard drive and play high bitrate files, the Realtek SoC has multi channel audio certificates and specific hardware for decoding video with the latest codecs.

zidoo x9 x10 firm

Update process

  • Download Firmware Zidoo X9s 2.0.15 Beta
  • Download Firmware Zidoo X10 2.0.15 Beta
  • Update method
    1- Download the ZIP file and without decompressing it we will copy it to a USB memory
    2- Connect the USB memory to the Zidoo TV-Box
    3- Go to the Update app
    4- Select Local Update and our ZIP file
    5- Apply the update and wait for the device to restart
    6- All files are maintained but we recommend to reset the device


1,Improve the Stability of system
2,Fix ZDMC port conflicts
3,Add weather in China
4,Fix the setting of front pad can not saved in system

1,Add 4 colors for internal subtitle
2,Optimize the Video information
3,Optimize subtitle downloading

1,Add SMB v2

Blu-ray navigation:
1,Fix failing to display subtitle when there is only one subtite
2,Fix failing to choose subtitle in certain movies.
3,Optimize 4K Blu-ray navigation

1,Fix malfunction of sorting in PC interface.
2,Add a function to zoom in the photo of actors
3,Fix actors can not relate to the movies when it comes Chinese language.
4,Fix the poster don’t refresh when changing from PC interface.
5,Add “year” information for search results when rematching movies.
6,Add a Loop mode in the left side bar
7,Improve Accuracy for matching actors
8,Fix locked movies can be opened by certain operation
9,Fix crash problems when scanning
10,Add path and title displaying of movies
11,Add self-association results when re-matching movies
12,Improve UI
13,Add a function to hide useless files
14,Fix crash after reset data
15,Fix removing inoperative
16,Improving movies matching, such as “Lost in Space” match to “Lost in Space 11”
17,Fix crash when unmatched files are too many
18,Fix crash when removing while scanning
19,Optimize unmatching videos UI.
20,Add more scanning ways
21,Add portaits of actors.
22,Fix crashs when scanning certain SMB devices.
23,Add a tag for path which don’t want to scan.

Control Center:
1,Add editing for country and movie duration
2,Fix some movies can’t re-matching by IMDB

1, New UI
2,Add changing wallpaper

1, New UI
2,Improve the way of operative
3,Fix “auto”mode don’t work in HDMI audio output

Onekey Clean:
1,New UI
2,Fix problems of self-starting management
3,Improve Cleaning

1,Improve UI

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