First fanless mini PCs with Intel 8th generation and M.2 bay

We already have with us new passive mini PCs with an aluminum box that finally add an interface for M.2 disks as a novelty. In these mini PCs we have Intel 8th generation processors with four cores and up to eight execution threads that mount DDR4 RAM, undoubtedly interesting models for multitasking operations such as video rendering. At the moment they continue with HDMI 1.4 output that limits the output of Video at 4K@30fps resolutions with the exception of the most powerful model that includes Display Port output that allows 4K@60fps.

minipc fanless 8gen alu d02

These new passive computers Intel Kaby Lake R has a box design identical to the 7th generation products that we saw months ago. The simplest model mounts an Intel Core i5-8250U with four cores and eight threads of execution that reaches up to 3.40 GHz, integrates an Intel HD Graphics 620 GPU and has a consumption of 25 W TPD. We have two SODIMM DDR4 slots up to 2400 MHz that allow to mount up to 32GB, as storage we have support for mSATA disks, M.2 2280 and 2.5″ disk unit with SATA 3 interfaces which allows us to mount up to 3 disks at a time, a 300 Mbps Wifi module is integrated. At the connector level we have 4x USB 2.0, 4x USB 3.0, HDMI 1.4 with output up to 4K@30fps resolutions, VGA, Gigabit Ethernet and two audio jack connectors. As we see a quite classic configuration in connectivity.

minipc fanless 8gen alu n01

We have another model of passive mini PC more powerful that mounts in this case the Intel Core i7-8550U with four cores and eight threads that reaches up to 4 GHz, integrates an Intel HD Graphics 620 GPU and has a consumption of 25 W TPD. A model although more powerful CPU level s and hardware configuration is almost the same as the previous one but which is different in the inclusion of an SD card reader, HDMI 1.4 video outputs that reaches resolutions 4K@30fps and DisplayPort 1.2 that allows us resolutions 4K@60fps.

  • The Intel Core i5-8250U mini PC can be purchased at or from € 238 ($ 279)
  • The Intel Core i7-8550U mini PC can be purchased at or from € 289 ($ 340)
  • NOTICE: The shipments by DHL must be added customs, Partaker from Amazon or Aliexpress has shipment without customs, consult it.

minipc fanless 8gen alu n02

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