Foldable keyboards, an alternative to conventional mini-keyboards

Looking for gadgets by the big bazaar that is today we look at a small folding keyboard with touchpad that minimizes its folded space in the style of the latest smartphones that we have seen in this MWC. A practical idea for those of us who are looking for a sporadic keyboard, which takes up little space, since folding is about 15 x 9.7 cm and has some comfort at the time of writing.

foldable mini keyboard

This keyboard is a 64-key QWERTY made of ABS plastic that includes a touchpad on its side where we also see 3 signal lights. It has open dimensions of 30.2 x 9.7 cm so we will not have problems when pressing the keys as in many of the mini-keyboards. We can pair it with any miniPC, tablet, Android and iOS smartphone thanks to its Bluetooth connectivity and it has an internal rechargeable battery via microUSB port of 140mha capacity that gives up to 48h of continuous writing with a load.

Price and availability

  • This folding keyboard can be purchased on from $ 22.67 free shipping included and is available with the keys in various languages ​​for the same price in the same store.

foldable keyboard

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