FOSSiBOT F3600, powerful & portable battery on offer

Offer for the FOSSiBOT F3600 portable battery, which we find at a reduced price for a limited time thanks to a special coupon.

With this powerful FOSSiBOT F3600 battery we will have electrical autonomy anywhere and thanks to it we will no longer have to depend on plugs. It is suitable for outdoor activities such as camping, using it with our camper or for any blackout.

This portable battery from Fossibot can be recharged in just 1.5 hours directly from a wall socket or using our car battery with a cigarette lighter. You can also buy a pack with solar panels and use them to recharge it during the day. It has a 5 charge level selector to adjust the system to our needs, increasing its useful life.


FOSSiBOT F3600 Specifications

The FOSSiBOT F3600 Portable Battery has a capacity of 3840 Wh with LiFePO4 batteries. The maximum power output is 3600W to connect multiple devices. This makes it possible to keep a light bulb or a mobile with a 10 W charge on for up to 217 hours, use a 200 W refrigerator for 16.3 hours and multiple devices for quite long days.

It also allows you to connect external charging solar panels of up to 2000 W. An interesting combination to use in the field or on any outing where we need energy.

In the connectors section, we have multiple options. We have a 12V/10A car charger, 1x XT60 RV 12V/25A, 2x DC 5521 2V/3A, 2x USB (QC3.0), 4x USB Type-C (3xPD 20W, 1xPD 100W) and 3x European AC connectors ( 220V-240V). In addition, it is possible to use this system as protection against 10ms UPS electrical drops.

In addition, together with the battery we have a torch and LED headlamp incorporated into the battery itself, something always practical outdoors to use at night. This battery has multiple overload safety systems and other incidents. You have wheels and a handle in the same casing to take it anywhere.

Price and availability

  • The FOSSiBOT F3600 can be purchased on a special offer at Geekbuying for a price of €1600 with shipping from Europe using coupon 7RLVIEYB.
  • If you need more compact size go for the FOSSIBOT F2400 deal, also have shipping to US.

FOSSiBOT F3600 power

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