Gamebox G11 Pro, review: console and TV-Box a little bit FAKE

Gamebox G11 Pro is the name of the console and Android TV-Box that we are going to analyze today. A system that as we will see has quite a few obscure points.

This console according to its advertising offers us the Amlogic S905X3 SoC but actually mounts an Amlogic S905X2, a pretty crappy data that already leaves it in a bad place. As we will see, it is a system designed for users who do not want complications and are only looking for a complete package, with two controllers and games already included. Something that theoretically is not bad, but with a little interest we can set up something better by buying a TV-Box on our own and easily installing official EmuELEC.

In the following analysis we will check how this system works and how it compares to the competition in the sector.

  • The Gamebox G11 Pro can be purchased on AliExpress for $46 with shipping included.
  • It is preferable to buy an X96 Max+ by installing EmuELEC ourselves from what we have seen.

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Product Details

Xiaomi TV Box S 2nd Gen
SoC: Amlogic S905X3 Quad Core 4x ARM-A55 @ 1.9GHz (64bit) / GPU Mali-G31 MP2 / 12nm
System: Android 9 (32bit).
Memory: 2 GB RAM DDR3 / 16 eMMC
Network: Wifi aC + Bluetooth 4.1
Ports: HDMI 2.0 / 2x USB 2.0 / AV / IR / micro SD / Power Button
Extras: IR Remote / 2x Gamepad / HDMI Cable / Manual / Adapter DC 12V 1A (12W).
Materials and dimensions: Plastic / LED status / 77 x 77 x 17 mm / 125 gr.


As we can see the Gamebox G11 Pro console comes in a cardboard box that advertises a S905X3 SoC, being really S905X2. Inside we find the console / TV-Box, the two gamepads, IR remote control, English manual and 10W power adapter. In the micro SD slot we have inserted a card with the EmuELEC system + games.

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The Gamebox G11 Pro console offers a plastic case with an aesthetic grille on the top, this does not fulfill any cooling function. On the front we have the IR receiver, on the back we find the rest of the ports with two USB-A 2.0, an Ethernet 100, AV jack, power button and 12V DC connector.

gamebox g11 pro review f012

Along with this Android TV-Box turned Console we have by default two gamepads with Playstation DualShock design. The construction is quite thin and light plastic, the buttons are quite correct, to use them we need two AAA batteries. The included IR remote control is very basic and only serves for simple Android functions such as using KODI.

gamebox g11 pro review f010

Internal components

As we can see if we open the Gamebox G11 Pro console has a fairly simple design, the cooling system has an aluminum heatsink, thermal pad and aluminum plate on the outer face. Interestingly, the system is prepared to install a fan, we have a 5/3.3V power connector and anchoring areas. Behind the audio jack we have a hidden reset button. As Wifi antenna we have a simple one glued inside.

System and Performance

EmuELEC system

We start the Gamebox G11 Pro console and go through an automatic EmuELEC configuration phase. After a few minutes in the first boot we get to the YAVAYA launcher of this system, it is attractive and visual. We can switch between all emulation systems quickly. In addition, we have tabs for many of the games already installed with covers and information.

  • Launcher: Custom YAVAYA / Categories by system / Favorites / Recents
  • Shortcuts: Select = Quick access / Start = Settings / Press L3+R3 = Menu in games
  • Graphics: OpenGL 2.0 / Vulkan NO

gamebox g11 pro review s010

The installed system is EmuELEC 4.4, when booting we get a warning that we can update, but we recommend NOT UPDATE, because 1st there is no space left on the SD and 2nd the system will be unusable. Every time the system boots we will see some anoying boot videos, we recommend disabling them.

  • Disable:
    – EmuELEC settings > Show Boot Video = OFF
    – Updates > Auto update = OFF

gamebox g11 pro review s005

Android system

We can also boot Android 9, we just need to remove the micro SD card so that EmuELEC does not run. If we re-enter the SD card, EmuELEC will start again next time. The system offers a very basic configuration that is the default Amlogic configuration for this type of TV-Box. We can use them to install apps like KODI or IPTV, something useful to use the system for other purposes.

  • Version: Android 9 (32 bit) / Build: Franklin = S905X2

gamebox g11 pro review s004

Power and performance

In terms of power the Gamebox G11 Pro claims to have the Amlogic S905X3 SoC, but it is a LIE it really mounts the S905X2, a very similar processor in terms of performance as we can see in our comparisons. It is a Quad Core with ARM Cortex-A55 processors and in the graphics section a Mali-G31 MP2 GPU which is in the mid-range. This SoC is manufactured in 12nm, has a fairly low power consumption and does not cause critical thermal problems unless we play PSP for long periods.

Emulator Testing

During testing of the Gamebox G11 Pro console this hardware allows us to play even simple PSP games. If we run for example God Of War PSP only runs moderately well if we put it in the original resolution + frameskip. The rest of 2D emulators and consoles like Dreamcast do not give us problems, they are quite enjoyable.

  • After several tests THE UNIT STOPPED WORKING and was returned to AliExpress.

gamebox g11 pro review s009

Tests with emulators

This hardware offers enough power to emulate not very demanding PSP games, but certainly its top is on Dreamcast / PS1 / N64. Here you can see the results on the most common platforms.

Table of tests

Consoles Result
8 / 16 bit (SNES, MD, NG, CPS3…) OK
N64 OK
NDS OKO, problematic touch emulation
3DS Not suitable
Dreamcast In general OK. Some 3D games with bugs
PSP Correct, only simple games
PS2 Not suitable
GC Not suitable
Wii Not suitable
WiiU Not suitable
X360 / PS3 Not suitable
Switch Not suitable

Conclusions and buy links



After testing the Gamebox G11 Pro console our experience has not been good. Starting because it is advertised as S905X3 and it is really S905X2, there is not much difference in power, but it is misleading advertising. Also, to top it off the test unit stopped working after a few starts, some internal component got corrupted beyond repair. Overall a less than desirable experience.

The overall concept of the Gamebox G11 Pro console is not bad, as it comes all assembled and straight to play. For our part, we recommend the alternative of buying an X96 Max and assembling EmuELEC ourselves. It is a hardware that does not fool us and we can make the configuration we want.

Where to buy

  • The Gamebox G11 Pro can be purchased on AliExpress for $46 with shipping included.
  • It is preferable to buy an X96 Max+ by installing EmuELEC ourselves from what we have seen.

gamebox g11 pro review f002

Gamebox G11 Pro













  • All in one package
  • Two gamepads
  • Android and EmuELEC
  • Games ready
  • Up to Dreamcast


  • Actually S905X2
  • Unreliable hardware
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Tiffany P

I just got the game box for the first time. It’s all set up but I can’t get the controller to sync to the box. How do I do that? It says it’s WiFi controlled but it’s not asking me to put the WiFi to the remotes so I’m not sure how to connect controllers to the box. I do have the dongle plugged into the port.


Hi, my kids accidentally reconfigure the controller settings like I don’t know if they add another controller settings #2 and now there’s only 2 buttons that is functioning the rest are like disabled. Is there any way i get back or reset the controller to default?


Hi, can you and is it safe to update the android TV system?? In apps I am seeing one called update but I do not want to unless I am sure it won’t affect the box. Can you help?


This thing SUCKS. Controllers are crap and presses random buttons while you’re playing. Controllers get disconnected and won’t reconnect without restart and switching USB ports. Glitchy stuff happening all around overall. Great idea, terrible execution.


How do I bring up the keyboard for the Sinclair Spectrum. I have tried Select and have also tried L1 and various combin

Josh Bird

Hey there, I bought a game box g11 pro, controllers worked for all of 5 mins now won’t pair with the console anymore, both green & red lights flash on the controller & they both won’t work, have no idea if it’s a throw out job or there’s an easy fix?? Any advice would be great

Valerie Barrett

I bought the G11 pro but I thought it came with games on it but I don’t know how to get to them. Do I need to buy a SD Card? If so where do I ge tone with games on it. Any help is much appreciated.


BEWARE, fake copies exist with random processors, mine has a S905L and the board has nothing to do with the one you have in the photo

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