GameSir G5 a new concept gamepad for smartphones with touchpad

We already have next to go to the market, after passing through Kickstarter, next March 30 the new GameSir G5, a gamepad specially designed for the game in smartphones, a sector that every day is gaining more followers and strength. The new GameSir G5 is a step forward in this type of gamepads since its design highlights without a doubt its touchpad located on its right side especially useful for shooters in the first or third person Battle Royale Fortnite style, a new concept in this kind of gamepads.

Gamesir G5

GameSir G5 naturally has an ergonomic design and a folding clamp on your body that when deployed allows us to hold our Smartphone. We have an infinity of programmable keys and triggers distributed throughout the body of the gamepad turbo mode and an internal battery 800mha rechargeable microUSB port that promises up to 18h of play. The new Gamesir G5 includes Bluetooth 4.1 connectivity and has an APP for Android and iOS where we can configure and remap the keys and buttons of this gamepad to our liking.

  • The GameSir G5 gamepad will soon be available in online stores such as for around $ 50 free shipping.

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