11.11: sales festival with the best deals

We already have in progress in the online store their promotions for the 11.11 that as usual is extended for a few days before and after the day of the singles on one of the days with more online sales of the year.

This year we have as a novelty the PRE-ORDER where between the days 5 to November 10 when making a pre-purchase we reserve an item for a deposit that will triple its value during the days of purchase (November 10-14) and we also have priority shipping.

Gearbest promo 11


From November 5 to 14, at every four hours each day, there will be a rain of coupons valued at $1,000,000,000.

  • Each round lasts 5 minutes and you will have 20 seconds to get coupons that you can see from your My Coupons account.

We also have a special with items in fast delivery at local stores, Lucky Bags with surprise products inside and Deals combining several items to reduce prices in the final price of the combo.

All these discounts will have the high peak in the 24 hours of 11.11 where we will have flash offers of all kinds with specific sections for smartphones, laptops and tablets and also a special website where we will find all kinds of TV-Box, miniPC’s and various accessories such as bracelets and drones.

As always, we recommend comparing prices before buying and not letting ourselves be rush away by the desire.

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