11.11: Gearbest.com start the most crazy day of offers

The 11.11 has begun and the online store Gearbest.com launch the best deals of the year and which gives the kick-off for other events like Black Friday. This period of offers extends from day 1 to the 20 of this month with the high point on the 11.11, prepare your wallets because something always falls on the shopping bag.

gear 1111 2017

As usual in this new 11.11 promotion we can access various events in which both direct awards and GB points that guarantee discounts on our purchases. Naturally we will also have special discounts for brands and category as well as various promotions:

  • Special game, we will have 3 opportunities to win prizes, after are exhausted we can get more through GB points or sharing through social networks.
  • Surprise bags with one or more surprise products (non-refundable) at a lower price than the market.
  • Direct discounts for new users who join Gearbest.com.
  • Flash offers both daily and a specially on 11.11 so it can be very worthwhile to visit the Gearbest.com website throughout the day.

Gearbest deals

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