Gearbest offers special discounts on mini PC and Android TV-Box

From the Gearbest store we get a special offer for the most popular models and more newest of its catalog of mini PC and Android TV-Box, undoubtedly a good time to see what prices are on offer. If we are thinking about acquiring one of these products it is interesting as always to compare before buying, but from what we have seen in general we have good prices and there are also models fresh from the oven.

gearbest minipc sale 25 18 d01

Within these special offers we find different categories that group the products among, flash sales for a limited time at good price, the top best sellers models and the products that have just launched. Among the best selling models we find several devices that we have analyzed on our website so we recommend always read them first to get an idea of what that product offers, we have from very economic models to some more powerful.

  • Among the featured TV-Boxes we have the M8S Pro W with Netflix HD support for only $29 (€26), without voice command.

gearbest minipc sale 25 18 n03

Within the most recent models we can see the latest mini PC, products that have just presented and have interesting features, certainly the catalog of mini PC in this offer is very varied and we can find a model for all budgets. In the section of Android TV we find the classic low-cost models and as always the popular Xiaomi Mi Box International.

  • Another spectacular price is the Beelink N50 N5000 that can be purchased for only $246 (€218) when its previous price was $329.

gearbest minipc sale 25 18 n04

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