Geekbuying celebrates 11.11: selection of special offers and coupons

As every year at this dates the most popular online stores offer us special discounts in the celebration of the singles day, for this 11.11 from the store we get interesting offers and multiple discount coupons. Without a doubt this is the best time of the year to get discounted prices in these stores if we are attentive, you have to compare and always be critical of the prices before you buy anything. There’s always something interesting going on between coupons and offers, so let’s see what we have.

geek 1111 2018 n01

In Geekbuying offers we find an interesting promo called Daily check in that allows us to obtain special offers, these products are the ones that disappear first since they are limited units and are for a short time at the minimum price. In addition to this option for each day we have special discount coupons that depend on how much we spend on our purchases, we have from $ 2 to $ 50 for purchases of more value.

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Among the featured products as always we have Xiaomi offers for their most desired products, but we also have tablets, smartphones, mini PC and Android TV-Box that we can be interested by applying the coupons we have discussed before.

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