Goldenfir T650 a 360GB SSD at minimum price

New good deal with the price of one Chinese SSD, today with a model of Goldenfir a Chinese brand that we already know of some Review and other products that we have already presented. The Goldenfir T650 on offer has a capacity of 360GB and given its price of only $48.57 (€41.85), it is an excellent opportunity as a secondary storage unit or for a PC where we do not need extreme speeds.

Goldenfir T650 SSD

The Goldenfir T650 SSD has a SATA3 interface and according to the publicity, its 360GB capacity unit can reach speeds of up to 532 MB/s in reading and up to 400 MB/s in reading. The type of memory used is TLC and as you can see the speeds of this SSD are very acceptable for its price.

  • The SSD 360GB capacity Goldenfir T650 can be purchased on for only $48.57 (€41.85) shipping costs included.

Goldenfir T650 SSD 360GB

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