GOLE F7 a 10.1-inch Windows 10 Rugged Tablet for all kinds of Outdoor Work

When it comes to the three defense products in the market, most people will surely think of mobile phone products. Although the market demand for three defense mobile phones is not great, there is still a certain demand for professional people. At present, rugged digital products are far more than mobile phones. Even tablet computers have rugged version.

Before that, Shenzhen QianHai Gole Technology Co., Ltd., a solution provider and manufacturer in the field of intelligent computer, launched a three proof (dust-proof, waterproof and shockproof) tablet computer Gole F7. It is worth mentioning that the machine supports IP67 waterproof standard, adopts imported high-density rubber protective pad design, has stronger anti falling ability, and can be used normally in various harsh environments.

Gole f7 n01

In terms of configuration, Gole F7 uses a 10.1-inch 1200×1920 pixel resolution screen, equipped with a 1.92ghz Intel Cherry track T3 (quad core) Z8350 processor, built-in 4GB of operating memory and 64GB / 128GB of local storage space, and uses 10000mah large capacity battery to effectively solve the problem of insufficient endurance. Windows 10 system is pre-installed to support GPS positioning, QR code scanning and docking Expansion and other functions.

In the application of UAV, we usually use UAV aerial photography, measurement, exploration and other various applications, and UAV is usually equipped with a reinforced three defense tablet computer which can support multifunctional applications in the control. Gole F7 is reinforced three defense industrial level hand-held tablet computer selected as the data command transmission and flight control terminal of UAV Ground Station by many UAV manufacturers due to its outstanding performance and strong applicability.

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It is understood that Gole F7 ruggedized with three defense hand-held tablet computer has GPS positioning function and supports 4G network communication, which is closely related to the application of UAV control terminal. GPS positioning can help UAV positioning measurement and find the location of UAV in case of special circumstances, while 4G network communication is to realize the rapid data transmission of UAV, such as the UAV needs to transmit corresponding video and picture data during aerial photography. These two functional features are also the two essential features of UAV control terminal.

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At the same time, we can see from the appearance of this rugged tablet computer that various kinds of serial ports are built in the tablet, which can effectively expand its application in the field of UAV. For example, the built-in DB9 interface can be used as an output port to directly transmit the data information of the UAV to the large screen, multiple USB interfaces can connect the mouse and keyboard, quickly input the corresponding instructions, support the Bluetooth transmission function, and easily transfer the data in the state of non network and so on.

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