Google ADT-3, a Box for developers with Android TV 10 now on sale

We already have the new Google ADT-3 Developer Box on sale, a device designed as an app testing platform based on Android TV 10 with certification. A Box therefore that is NOT oriented to the user market and that does not have support for streaming platforms such as Netflix or Amazon Prime.

This box will receive regular updates so that developers can test their Apps with the latest patches from Google and as we have already warned you do not think to buy it for use other than development. The Google ADT-3 has a minimalist design in all its aspects and also includes a remote control with microphone to give orders to Google Assistant.

Google ADT 3

SoC, RAM and storage

The Google ADT-3 Box is based on the AMlogic S905Y2 SoC, a Quad Core manufactured in 12nm with ARM Cortex-A53 processors and an ARM Mali-G31 MP2 GPU. The included RAM is 2GB DDR3 and the storage is 8GB eMMc, as we see low figures for a home user but enough for developers.

Other specifications

At the wireless connectivity level we have WiFi aC 2T2R Dual Band with internal antenna and Bluetooth 4.2. The connectors included in this TV-Stick are the minimum, an HDMI 2.1 video output, a microUSB port for power and data thanks to a “Y” cable included as standard.

Price and availability

  • The Google ADT-3 Developer Box can be purchased at for $79 plus shipping.

Google ADT 3

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