Google Play Games for PC, Android games in your computer

We already have available to install Google Play Games for PC, a system that allows us to enjoy Android games on our computer.

Since 2021 this platform was announced, and it seemed that it would never see the light, but the wait is over. If we want to play on our PC the games we already have on mobile, we can do it comfortably. This system also supports cross-play, so we can play on the mobile and continue on the PC continuing with the progress.


google play games pc

Install Google Play Games PC

The installation process of Google Play Games for PC is very simple, we just have to access the official website of the project and download the app for Windows directly. When boot, the application will be installed on our disk if we meet the necessary requirements that we indicate. Once installed, we can download the games we want.

Minimum hardware requirements

  • OS: Windows 10 (v2004)
  • Storage: Solid State Drive (SSD) with 10 GB of available storage space.
  • Graphics card: IntelⓇ UHD Graphics 630 GPU or similar
  • Processor: Physical 4-core CPU (some games require an Intel CPU)
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Windows administrator account
  • Hardware virtualization must be enabled


  • Hardware Virtualization must be enabled in our BIOS
  • AMD = Usually found under > CPU Advanced Settings > SVM Enabled
  • Intel = Usually found under > CPU Settings > Intel Virtualization VT-x

Limitations of Google Play Games on PC

As we can see, if we install this Google Play Games app for PC it still has quite a few limitations. The catalog of games is limited but will be expanded. On the other hand, the games have to adapt from touch control to control with keyboard and mouse or gamepad, something that still has much room for improvement in Android. What game do you want to play, is it available?

  • Limited catalog, missing big titles.
  • Controls can still be improved, no native Gamepad support.
  • Lack of search system.
  • All games keep a lot of advertising.
  • Older computers without hardware virtualization are not compatible.
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