Govee an Ambilight system with camera to install on any TV

The Ambilight system is exclusive to Philips, although if we have another brand of TV we can install an external solution. Our alternative is the  Govee Immersion TV LED Backlights with Camera we can buy through Amazon.

With this accessory kit we can have a complete backlight system with RGBIC technology in any TV between 55-65 inches. A system that has as a central element a camera that is placed at the top of our TV and captures the lighting and colors on screen in order to adapt the LED lighting of the strips that we have previously installed on the perimeter of our TV. This way we can have lighting on DRM-protected streamings such as Netflix, HBO or Prime Video.

A system that requires a good job when configuring it to get good results, although we will always have a small delay or even minimal, since the technology used through the camera is not instantaneous. The best alternative to get the best results is always to opt for a TV with Android and Philips Ambilight, since its system is native.

Groove ambilight

Govee Ambilight Specifications

This Ambilight kit has as its main element a 1080p camera that is responsible for processing the necessary lighting of the 4 LED strips with 16 million colors and with RGBIC technology This technology allows independent customization of each LED strip and display multiple colors simultaneously in order to have an ambient lighting synchronized with the images displayed on screen.

Also included is a 3.8 meter LED strip in 4 pieces that includes clips and adhesives for attachment that can be easily installed on any TV from 55 to 65 inches in size. The camera also includes a microphone to synchronize the visual effects when using its Music Mode.

This system is controlled through the Govee Home app from which we can customize all kinds of parameters in addition to using its 64 pre-configured lighting modes. This backlighting system can also be controlled by voice, just add it to Alexa or Google Assistant.

Pricing and availability

  • The Govee Ambilight system can be purchased on Amazon only for $69,99 using the -$20 discount coupon that we have when buying it.

Govee Ambilight clone

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