GPD XD Plus the new portable console that jumps to a more powerful Mediatek MT8176 SoC

The GPD XD console was released for quite some time, a micro laptop with Android inspired by the design of the Nintendo and which at that time already mounted the powerful SoC Quad Core of Rockchip RK3228. Time does not pass in vain and now we get the first images and video of his replacement, the new GPD XD PLUS a console that is in the prototype phase and that if things do not change much will have a design very similar to the first but surely include some minor modification in its final model that would continue with a 5″ touch screen.


The new GPD XD+ will renew its SoC, the new model will include a Mediatek MT8176 SoC, a Hexa core with a cluster of two CPUs ARM Cortex-A72 able to reach up to 2.1GHz and another cluster with four CPUs ARM Cortex-A53 that reach up to 1 , 7 GHz while in the graphical section we have a PowerVR GX625 GPU. A quite powerful SoC that doubles in power to the SoC of Rockchip and that would allow to move more games and new emulators as those of Wii or Gamecube since the new CPUs have 64bit instructions. You can see the power of this SoC in our review of the Teclast T10 Octa tablet, the same Mediatek processor that also includes the Xiaomi Mi Pad 3 tablet. Other changes that we know refer to its RAM memory as the new model happens to have 4 GB, double the previous model something that will always go very well at emulation level.

  • At the moment there is no date or price for the new GPD XD PLUS, although it seems that this time we do not have to wait too long to know this data and its final specifications.

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