GUIDE: How to fix the Netflix error “This device is not supported by the app”

In this article we will explain the solution for the Netflix problem by displaying the error message “This device is not supported by the app“, a problem when running the official version of the Netflix app downloaded from his site. It seems that Netflix wants to make life more difficult for its users on non-certified devices and most of the Chinese TV-Boxes, a practice that it has been doing since its inception and it does not surprise us, but it has a simple solution.



Problem explanation

As we have already explained Netflix only gives official compatibility for his app and HD quality option on devices that pass its approval, this implies that only big international brands have access to this options. Now Netflix makes things a little more difficult for users with non certified devices by offering an app on its official website that generates new compatibility problems.

  • Netflix v4.16 build 200147 = old official version offered by Netflix 100% functional.
  • Netflix v4.16 build 200217 = new official version offered by Netflix with compatibility error.
  • To install Netflix and avoid “This device is not supported by the app” error, follow the next point in the manual.

netflix error 2020 eng n02



On non-certified devices we can install the Netflix APP from the APK file in a simple way by following these steps:

  1. We are going to need a mouse or fly mouse to control the Netflix without problems.
  2. Activate the option Settings> Security> “Unknown sources” on our device (the route may vary)
  3. Apps available to watch Netflix on unofficial device models.
    Netflix v3.9.1 APK for Android 4.0+, up to 854×480.
    Netflix v4.16 b200147 APK for Android 4.4+, maximum compatibility, max resolution. 854×480.
    Netflix v6.26 APK for Android 5.0+ that can run up to 960x540p.
    Netflix last official version, can run up to 960x540p or more.
    Netflix for Android TV App does not work because the DRM protection, we need to use the previous apps.
    – 4K and HD resolutions are limited to Netflix certified devices.
  4. Install the APK once you have finished the download using a File Explorer like X-Plore or Solid explorer (for Android TV devices read this).
  5. Once installed, we can use it with total normality.
  6. The application will not be updated from Google Play because it will be marked as not compatible with our device.
  7. We can check the stream quality playing the title “Test Patterns”

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