H20 a curious retro-illuminated mini-keyboard with rear touchpad

Reviewing the latest news coming to Chinese stores today we have found a curious mini-keyboard that under the name of H20 surprises us with the inclusion of a touchpad on its back. The truth is that the information found in the store’s technical specifications is minimal, so we’re need to wait to know if we can use the touchpad at the same time as the keyboard or we have to turn it around to use it.

H20 keyboard

As we see the H20 keyboard includes a fairly simple QWERTY rubber keyboard that luckily incorporates backlighting and so we see in the space bar has several levels of lighting. The tactile face has a rather generous active surface and is marked by a frame that also lights up. Internally it includes a 300 mA rechargeable battery by the microUSB port and the connection to the device to be controlled is done by RF thanks to a USB adapter included. Finally, note that this miniteclado does not need drivers and is compatible with all types of devices with Android OS, Windows and Linux as well as other equipment.

  • The mini-keyboard H20 can be purchased in the online store Geekbuying.com from $19.99 shipping costs included.

H20 keyboard touchpad

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I am using one of these in the UK. If I hit Shift+3 I get a £ sign rather than a #.
How can I get a # when I need one.
another need is to drag the bottom bar of a window down to increase the window height.
I have not been able to do it. How should it be done?

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