H96 MAX X4, the FAKE BOX, buy a S905X4 and get a S905X3.

A few weeks ago we knew the release of the new TV-Box H96 MAX X4 with circular design and its alleged configuration with the new SoC Amlogic S905X4 and Android 10, a product that as we will see is FAKE.

This Box we can buy it in multiple Aliexpress stores at a reduced price, but that actually integrates a SoC Amlogic S905X3 and the operating system is Android 9, a total fraud to their buyers. From here we encourage all those who have bought it to send the link of this article to open a claim and recover ALL the money of the TV-Box because it is a FALSE product. AliExpress has tough policies against counterfeit products and the normal thing is to fully recover the money without having to send the fake product. Any help you need to make the claim, leave a comment and we will try to collaborate.

h96 max x4 fake n001 min


We can see with the app Aida 64 the data of the detected CPU, according to the advertising of the H96 MAX X4 is a S905X4, but if we see the system data we can see how it is FAKE and is actually a S905X3.

  • The CPU ID is r1p0 which is equivalent to S905X3 / r2p0 is the ID of S905X4.
  • The speed does not match either, on a S905X4 it should be 2GHZ.
  • The name of the board is FRANKLIN the common name of the S905X3.
  • If from a terminal we do “cat /proc/cpuinfo” we can see that the serial corresponds to a S905X3.
  • In the codecs we do not have AV1 support as it is logical being a S905X3 and Android 9.
  • Motherboard is marked as S905X3, just a FAKE S90X4.

h96 max x4 fake soc n003 min h96 max x4 fake soc n002 min h96 max x4 fake soc n004

h96 max x4 fake n003 min


If we also check the system data we see that in the settings it is indicated that the system is Android 10 but it is FALSE, if we look at the actual system data we see that it is really Android 9 another point that indicates that we are dealing with a SoC S905X3 really because there is no Android 10 for that SoC.

  • The security patch version and the kernel do not match an Android 10, is Android 9.
  • The real version is Android 9 which matches an S905X3 SoC and the Kernel / Security Patch version.

h96 max x4 fake os n001 min h96 max x4 fake os n002 min

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Biught on Ali express. Buyer is ignoring my messages and Ali express won’t help. So I’m stuck with this $h1t and can’t get any kind of refund. Can anyone help?


I bought 1 and have put in a dispute but the seller wants me to return the box but this would cost me €25/€30 in shipping any help or advice would be helpful


Great article

My eyes are bleeding from the forced smooth scroll on desktop, though.


They reduced specification to low cost. But who on aliexpress know about it????

Last edited 3 years ago by radek

It’s also written on the main board, s905x3 v20

I’ve managed to install the x3 latest firmware following the USB burner procedure, at least it gets OTA and seem to be a “legit” X3.

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