Helio P70 the medium range of Mediatek that will face the Snapdragon 710

According to various Chinese sources, the new Mediatek Helio P70 SoC will be officially presented this October, so we would soon see Smartphones in the stores with this new mid-range chip. The MediaTek Helio P70 would be manufactured in 12nm by TSMC and its configuration of processors would be the same as that of the Helio P60 although they will surely have higher speeds. The GPU would be the same, perhaps with higher top speed with some more cores and the novelty would come from the inclusion of a NPU (Neural Network Unit) that would accelerate the AI-based processes, something in vogue lately in the high ranges. A SoC destined to compete on paper with the Snapdragon 710 and Snapdragon 670 from Qualcomm.

Mediatek Helio

Summing up what we know, Helio P70 SoC will integrate 4 ARM Cortex-A73 high-performance processors in one cluster and another cluster with four ARM Cortex-A53, while the GPU would be an ARM Mali-G72. A SoC that is expected to have a good reception in the market thanks to its price and that will make strong the path chosen by Mediatek focusing on the middle and low tier after its failed venture into high-end SoC that almost leads the brand to the bankruptcy.

Mediatek logo 2017 n01

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