HHOGene GPods, review: new earbuds with RGB LED lights

The HHOGene GPods are the earphones with spectacular LED lighting that we will see today in our review. Earphones with good specifications and a unique design.

The new GPods headphones inspire us with its attractive customizable LED lighting. These light earbuds also surprise us with a system of very striking side covers that we can exchange. They also offer Bluetooth 5.2 TWS connectivity with the highest connection quality, integrated microphones with active noise cancellation system and a very good autonomy. These headphones feature very interesting 10 mm dynamic drivers. The new GPods are compatible with Android or iOS operating systems and their assistants.

Let’s check how it defends itself in our detailed review that offer us these wireless headphones.

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HHOGene GPods overview

HHOGene GPods Premium Set
Connection: Bluetooth 5.2 TWS / 10 meters.
Codecs: AAC / SBC.
Sensor: In-ear detection.
Headphones: 1x Dynamic Driver.
Protection: IPX4.
Control: Touch / App control.
Microphone: 1x Headset / MEMS / Noise Reduction.
Cancellation: Active up to 25db.
Autonomy: 5 h ANC Off – 4 h ANC On / 10 min recharge = 2 hours
Battery: Earphones 50mAh / Case 500 mAh – 20 h / Full charge 1.5 h
Voice: Compatible with Google Assistant, Siri, Alexa and Cortana.
Designs: Black and white / 4x Shells in the Premiun Set.
Weight: Earphone 5.4 g / Case 43 g.


The HHOGene GPods Premium Set headphones come in a spectacular box with a metallic interior. Inside we find the headphones inside a box and on the sides the four custom shells. Inside the box we have XS/S/M/M/L ear tips adapters for all types of ears and a short USB-C cable to charge the case.

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TThe GPods Bluetooth headphones undoubtedly stand out for their side RGB lighting, this lighting system allows us to customize our style with the included light patterns or with our own image. The headphones fit into the case perfectly, as we can see, this case has quite large dimensions due to the generous battery it mounts. These earphones have IPX4 protection against dust or water.

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The HHOGene GPods TWS headphones have a fairly large case, including a frontal LED that indicates the battery status and a button to reset the headphones. This case allows us to have an extra 20 hours of autonomy. On the back of the case we have a USB-C connector that we can use with any charger with fast charging support up to 5V 2A.

  • Reset: Pressing the button on the case for 3 seconds restarts the pairing / Pressing for 10 seconds performs a full reset.

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These HHOGene GPods portable earphones fit perfectly in their case, they are firmly attached thanks to their magnetic system and the fitting position is easily identified. Each headset gives us indications of its charge and connectivity thanks to the frontal LED, although we can also check its status in the Bluetooth connection settings.

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Customize Shells

These headphones surprise us with their customizable shells, it is very easy to assemble and disassemble them from the main body. We only have to press them gently against the headset until they click and then pull the edges to remove them. Each shell offers a different design that can be combined with the integrated RGB LED light system.

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Four housings are included with the HHOGene GPods Premium Set package, but we can buy only the design we are interested in separately. On the HHOGene website we have many options to decorate our headphones with the most attractive designs.

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Test bench and daily use


In the two Bluetooth earphones HHOGene GPods to control them we have a side touch zone, where it is also possible to perform different functions with each of them by touching them lightly. With these controls it is possible to change the audio track, answer calls or switch between ANC modes.

  • Double Tap L/R: Play / Pause, Answer/ Hang up a call
  • Triple Tap L/R: Next song / Reject a call
  • Long Press R: Switch between ANC / Transparency / Off mode
  • Long Press L: Light on/off

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We perform a series of tests with the HHOGene GPods Bluetooth earphones during several sessions during the day and found that they connect normally. The Bluetooth 5.2 connection is stable and fast, offering a good audio range for various types of music. The in-ear fit system is comfortable and very light, we have four different ear tips.

  • Earphones: 1x Dynamic Driver / 10 mm.

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The GPods TWS earphones mount drivers with 10 mm diameter dynamic speakers, this gives us an adequate audio range in bass and treble, the maximum volume is not super high and the bass is not exaggerated. As we checked the sound is quite good at medium volume, at high volume we have a correct power. The latency in games is acceptable thanks to the Bluetooth 5.2 connection that improves considerably compared to version 4.

  • Connection: Bluetooth 5.2 / 10 meters.
  • Codecs: AAC / SBC.

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The HHOGene GPods wireless earphones offer us a microphone system that includes active noise cancellation, is just enough to reduce the sound of the environment up to 25db, but the results are very basic. We can give orders to the assistants and answer calls correctly, the quality is quite acceptable.

  • Microphones: 1 per headset / Active noise reduction.

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Control App

We can download the HHOGene app to have full control of our auricular. With this app, we can see the charge status of all the batteries and update the firmware if necessary.

Using this app we can change the lighting colors with a series of pre-defined styles, we can also use our own image or take a photo to change the lighting of the headphones with our own content, we have more than 300,000 combinations. It is also possible to change the movement of the lighting with four types of effect. From the app we can activate the ANC modes, with active, transparent and off.

HHOGene GPods autonomy

These earphones can be charged through its USB-C port, we can use any mobile charger. With the maximum charging power allows us to recharge in 5 hours to 100% which will give us autonomy of 20 hours in the box. The duration of the batteries depends if weh have active the ANC, also if we turn up the volume a lot they last much less logically.

  • Autonomy: 5 h ANC Off – 4 h ANC On / 10 min recharge = 2 hours
  • Battery: Headset 50mAh / Case 500 mAh – 20 h / Full charge 1.5 h

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Conclusion and buy link



After reviewing the HHOGene GPods earphones, we can say that we are facing a very original and unique headphones for its RGB lighting. No doubt we will draw attention with the lighting effects and interchangeable side shells. These headphones have Bluetooth 5.2 connectivity fast and efficient, it offers a low latency for our games on mobile. The microphone system is quite simple, the noise cancellation system is not very powerful, it does its job for calls and audio recording.

The HHOGene GPods headphones have a pretty good sound, thanks to the 10 mm dynamic drivers we have a fairly defined bass and treble, but if we are looking for maximum volume and quality, they are not spectacular in that aspect. The real autonomy offers us about 5 hours with volume at 50%, with the big box included it is possible to get an extra 20 hours easily. The touch control system is functional, it is worth mentioning the app for managing the lighting system and earphones controls, which is quite good.

Undoubtedly, the HHOGene GPods offer us a very original and attractive headphones. If we are looking for something different, and we are passionate about RGB LED lighting, this is definitely your product.

Where to buy

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HHOGene GPods













  • Nice RGB lights
  • Long battery life
  • Comfortables
  • Good app
  • Price is ok


  • Basic noise cancellation
  • Big case
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