HIMO Z20 the electric bike that doesn’t look like it


The HIMO brand is one of the most advanced in the sector of electric bicycles and now it surprises us with its new HIMO Z20, an electric one with a well-worked design and features at a good height.

HIMO products have been selected on several occasions to be sold under the Xiaomi umbrella, something that already indicates a certain level of quality. This bike seems that it is not far behind in terms of quality, since it is full of details in its design and due to its external appearance it does not even seem to be an electric bike.


The HIMO Z20 electric bicycle has a 36V 10Ah battery that is hidden in the central tube, which makes it a less bulky set, a battery that has an autonomy range of between 80 and 50 km depending on the mode of assistance. We have a Shimano 6-speed gearbox, to be powered it has a 250 W motor of tiny dimensions and weight, which makes it not look like an electric bicycle. This bicycle can reach 25 Km / h in pure electric mode.

This bike made of aluminium alloy has a three-step folding system, the new HIMO Z20 is excellent in portability. It has brake discs and front lighting focus and on the handlebar we have an LCD screen that gives us complete information with all the data of our daily physical activity. As a curiosity in the saddle we have an inflation pump integrated in case we have to recover pressure in the wheels.

Price and availability

  • The HIMO Z20 electric bike can be purchased at the Geekbuying.com online store with free shipping from Europe for only €769 using the discount coupon GKB491S

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