HONGTOP S30 MAX and HONGTOP S30 Cheap Android FHD Projectors

Lately, we are seeing quite a few cheap Android projectors with minimally decent specs, and today we discover the HONGTOP S30 and HONGTOP S30 MAX.

Two compact projectors that already arrive with FULL HD native resolution and a brightness of 400 ANSI Lumens, which is it being minimally true is quite good for projectors in its price range. In both variants of this projector we have Android as the operating system, so in addition to being able to install apps of all kinds, we will not have problems with video formats, something common in projectors with other systems.

Interesting projectors, a little above the C6 that we saw a few days ago, but with slightly lower performance.


Specifications of HONGTOP S30

The HONGTOP S30 and S30 MAX projectors feature LCD technology, a native resolution of HD 720p (not 1080p), a maximum contrast of 2000:1 and a brightness of 400 ANSI Lumens. The focus is manual, the trapezoidal correction is automatic, and we can get a screen with recommended dimensions of between 40″ and 120″, placing it between 0.5 and 3 m.

We do not have control keys in its small box, so we can only control it through the remote control, Bluetooth on the HONGTOP S30 MAX.

Connections, multimedia and other features

Its HONGTOP S30 MAX SoC with Android 10 is an Allwinner H700 Chip that includes 4 ARM Cortex-A53 processors capable of reaching 1.9 Ghz and an ARM MALI-G31 mp2 GPU with support for HDR10+ video and MEMC. It also includes 2 GB of DDR3 RAM, 16 GB of eMMc storage memory and Wi-Fi b/g/n + Bluetooth.

The HONGTOP S30 with Android 7 also has 2/16 GB, but its SoC is a Rockchip RK3128 with four ARM Cortex-A7 processors capable of reaching up to 1.5 Ghz and a Mali-400 MP2 GPU. Wireless connectivity is reduced to Wi-Fi b/g/n, no Bluetooth, and HDMI is output only.

The HONGTOP S30 projector includes in the field of connectivity a USB 2.0 port, analogue audio and video input port and an HDMI 2.0 video input.

Price and availability

  • The HONGTOP S30 and HONGTOP S30 MAX projectors can be purchased on AliExpress for a price starting at $90 with free shipping.

HONGTOP S30 proyector FHD

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Hello everybody.
I need firmware for projector Hongtop S30 RK3128 2/16.
Maybe someone has an .img file, or someone can take a dump for their projector.

Flávio Antônio Duarte

Comprei um projetor hongtop s30max estava tentando instalar um aplicativo,ele desligou e ligou com a tela travada android te como resetar ?

Pelo o que eu vi aqui, falam pra apertar o botão de ligar/desligar no projetor e colocar um cabo na entrada de fone/aux em 2 segundos. Eu tentei fazer isso, mas não consegui, quem sabe talvez vc consiga.


Conseguiu Resetar?


When I try to enter the settings it doesn´t open. It frozes and I can´t do anything but unplug the projector. I tried to use the HMDI but the imagem frozes a lot, so I tried to use others HDMI but stays the same. So manage somehow reset it inside the settings but it stays frozen, I tried the power button and the plug into AUX thing too but nothing happened .I don´t know what to do anymore. Maybe update the firmware with a pen drive? But I didn’t find where to download it. Or somehow change the android interface,… Read more »

Raed Zaatar - Event Director

Hi hdmi in not working I didn’t see any hdmi in projection screen and anywhere how I setup it
Version 7.1.2


HDMI IN only works on the S30 MAX, the normal S30 only had HDMI OUT.


I bought the S30 Max from HONGTOP Oficial Store on Aliexpress and i had a question.

The HDMI IN ¿Is only 30 FPS lock?

When i connect my PC for play games, all looks at 30 fps and also windows screen configuration are in 60 hz but the S30 Max only shows 30 fps output.

Is there a way to change the output to 60 fps?

Raed Zaatar - Event Director

Hi i have problem I didn’t found the hdmi in function when I connected the cable can you help me


Can you fix this problem?


I’ve had the projector for over 2 months and since then the fan noise has increased, has anyone had this problem too? Any solution to improve the noise?
Another doubt would be about connecting to an alexa echo, I connected via bluetooth but the sound keeps cutting off, did anyone manage to use it as a home theater?


Hi, if I lost the remote is there any way to use it?



i got a hangtop projector S30max from ali express and the netflix app is not working because the device is not certifed google play. is there any solution.


How do I use the HDMI input? I tried to connect a fire tv stick but it doesn’t detect it.

Yayo Devi

Is there a way to change the launcher? adb doesn’t work for me (says it’s already busy) and projectivity launcher accessibility services get disabled on every boot (s30 Max)



I got my S30 delivered last weekend and it has really good quality video. However, just today it has suddenly stopped working. The blue light turns on but there is no projection. Someone please advise.


Try Reset to factory settings:
Press the power button, and within 2 seconds insert the plug into AUX.
Contact with your store for a solution and open a dispute if don’t help you.


I received one Hongtop S30Max from “HONGTOP Official Store” and concluded following:

– Only 2,4GHz Wi-Fi (No 5GHz!)
– Only 720p native/optical video out (1080p isn’t true!!!)
– Several bundled apps can’t be uninstalled/removed normally!


Thanks for your feedback.
Android is 7.1 or 10?


Android 10!
And Fw + AIDA64 says it’s a S30MAX!
CPU is Allwinner as well.


Device Type: TV
Manufacturer: Allwinner
Model: S30 MAX H4T C269 V1.1
Brand: Allwinner
Board: exdroid
Device: Hong Top Projector
Hardware: sun50iw9p1
Platform: cupid
Product: S30 Max
Installed RAM: 2 GB
Internal Storage Total Space: 10.42 GB

Screen Resolution: 1280 x 720
xdpi / ydpi: 160/160 dpi
GPU Vendor: ARM
GPU Renderer: Mali-G31
GPU Cores: 1
Refresh Rate: 63 Hz


This resolution is only for the Android UI, video resolution can be different and upper.
You can check the real video resolution only using this video test:


Same resolution in Kodi and VLC.
Several others reported about this on AliExpress!
TY for info though!


Ok, I understand.
But KODI have the same problem as AIDA, shows the Android UI resolution in the info setting.
The only real test is using the video files in the guide.
I don’t say is 1080p or 720p,I just showing you what is the real test.


But as I can’t select 1080p output in Kodi there is no way to play 1080p movies.
The description says “Optical resolution: 1080p” and that is NOT true!!


This is different, can be because the hardware decoder is limited.
Use an external computer, or try using VLC and use the video test I linked.
This is the only real test, android apps can cheat you.
If it’s not true, open a dispute.


Dispute in progress….


Good luck, keep us informed.


Operating system: Android TV 10.0.0 API level 29 (kernel: Linux 4.9.170)


Ok, thanks.
Very confusing info in the store.
The product is ok for you?


TBH I’m somewhat dissapointed. I can live with the lower resolution but I cant stand these lies about native resolution to be 1080p.
I managed to remove all bloat (HBO, Netflix, filemanager,…) and replacing with my personal tools/players.
So NO, I can’t honestly recommend S30Max to anyone looking for a good 1080p projector.


Dear can you please guide how you removed all those. I am new to this. please help?


1. Firmware updtes possible? OTA?
2. Possible to root and clean up from bloat?



Does Hongtop S30Max have USB3 or USB2 port?




Como instalar firmewere no hongtop s30 Max ou hard reset?


Reset to factory settings:
Press the power button, and within 2 seconds insert the plug into AUX.


My bt remote just stopped working, not sure if it’s broken but can’t get it to pair back up. Any suggestions? Will resetting it to factory settings possibly fix?


You can only do a reset and try.

Flávio Antônio Duarte

Como faz o reset?


Is the projector connected to the Iphone?


Can do basic mirroring.


How to hard reset S30 max, my projector screen turns on but doesn’t show anything please help


Inside android setting, reset configuration.

Thibins Thomas

Nothing shows on the screen I can’t access the settings


Contact your store and use the warranty.
Maybe have a phisical reset button inside the audio jack? You can try to power on pressing it.


Reset to factory settings:
Press the power button, and within 2 seconds insert the plug into AUX
That’s it))


Olá amigo, eu vi sua postagem aqui, e resolvi tentar tentar sua dica.
Pra minha surpresa, deu certo – eu já tava aborrecido com o projetor que ficava sò no logo android.
Eu te agradeço de coração, muito obrigado mesmo.
Muita paz e saúde.


I have this problem installing a launcher app, i solved it pressing two buttons of the remote, i dont rembember which ones, if you still have the problem i can try


My s30 max projector is not showing anything, it turns on but it doesn’t show anything. Like it shows sound volume and remote connected but thats it.


When my projector comes on it’s saying Bluetooth remote and how to pair. I can’t get it off that screen,to get to the home screen


Try to reset the device, check the manual.
Usually have a reset hole.


OK thanks


point the remote to the IR sensor on the back of the device then press the home button


hi, you wrote, that Hangtop S30 MAX should have HDMI input and output connector. There is only one HDMI connector on it. I tried, and this works only as INPUT. When I connected it the TV, I didn’t get any picture on the TV.. Are you sure, that this HDMI works also as output ? (would be nice to use S30 MAX also as a android box connected to TV, for example, when the enviroment is too light for projecting..)

Last edited 7 months ago by Edward

Is only input.


S 30 I am interested in buying a projector. Does this projector have bluetooth?