How to install the Android TV launcher in the Amazon Fire TV devices

If there is something you can love or hate is the FireOS devices its the default launcher that puts content with Amazon advertising in almost every corner of our screen, from now on we can install the Android TV launcher on the Amazon Fire TV Stick or in your TV-Box. The classic launcher Android TV Leanback is much cleaner and as we see comes standard without promotional content. Thanks to Rockon999 in XDA.

  • Amazon Fire TV 2 can be purchased on only for $39.99
  • Amazon Fire TV Basic Edition on the online store only for $49.99 to the worldwide market
  • Amazon Fire TV 3 can be purchased on only for $54.99, also on for about £54.99 and in Germany we have it on for €59.99

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– Can open Bluetooth and WiFi settings without the stock launcher installed.
– Opens notification center, notification settings, and displays the current amount of unread notifications.
– Can display Amazon-downloaded apps in the store for easy updating and management.
– Can open individual app’s settings.
– Favorites row
– Stripped of all Google services (to prevent crashes!)


– Recommendations were removed (unfortunately they are too unstable and unworkable without root, though I am exploring a method of adding them back into the launcher)
– As this is based on decompiled sources there are bugs that must be squashed
– Uninstall is broken via the traditional Android TV method. Instead use the Fire TV app menu.


– The menu button will open up an app menu.
– The [+] tile in the favorites row can be used to add apps you want easy access to. Press back to exit the selection screen.


Download the APK and install like any other using ES ExplorerAPK or ADB (adb install [path])
– If you want the notification counter you need to execute the following command: “adb shell pm grant android.permission.WRITE_SECURE_SETTINGS”
– If you are on firmware 5.2.6 or lower you can disable the stock launcher. See this thread for more information. I don’t recommend disabling all amazon features. Only OTA and
– You should install LauncherHijack v3 for a fully functioning home button.
– If you want Google Search you’ll need to install a specific version. ‘ve found a working 2.x series version that is better looking, more stable, and much faster than the previous 1.x version. You can get the APK here. Note: The current version of Leanback on Fire may crash if you try to use the “microphone” orb to interact with the 2.x version. Always use the keyboard orb.
A future version will remove the microphone orb.

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