How to install Google Play on Xiaomi devices with Chinese firmware

Many devices of the Xiaomi brand that we find in international markets come without Google Play, like the recent Xiaomi Mi Pad 4, since they are destined for the national market where there is no such application store. In this tutorial we will explain how to install this app store and the associated Google applications to have a tablet or smartphone more to the western taste where we depend on these services.

  • NOTE: AndroidPC is not responsible for any problems that this installation may cause.
xiaomi gplay tutorial fd006 1


The general process is quite simple and we only need a few minutes to have Google Play and its basic services installed in the system, follow the steps described below in an orderly manner and everything will be simple.

  1. Download the Google Installer apk from Xiaomi itself
  2. We have several ways to pass the apk to our phone or tablet:
    – Copy the apk in a microSD card and introduce it in our device
    – Connect our device to a PC and copy the apk in the internal memory
  3. Execute the apk and click on Install
    xiaomi gplay tutorial fd002
  4. It will ask us to activate “Unknown origins” change the parameter and continue.xiaomi gplay tutorial fd001
  5. Run the installed app and get a Chinese screen, click on the blue circle to start the installation
    xiaomi gplay tutorial fd004
  6. During the installation process we will be asked for new permits of “Unknown origins” , accept this messages.xiaomi gplay tutorial fd005
  7. Restart your device.
  8. After restart, we run Google Play once and return to the desktop
    Go to Settings> Installed apps> Google Play> Permission Manager> Access and change files on internal storage> Allow
    With this we avoid the error of Google Play with code 190 (error code 190)
    xiaomi gplay tutorial fd007 min
  9. Once finished we will have the ability to use Google Play in a fully functional way.


As always in this type of installations that involve powerful changes we can have some kind of initial starting problems, in our case we have not noticed any important problems but we like to highlight possible problems.

  • We may have to give special location permissions, we accept
  • The system may be slow after installing Google Play, this is normal, wait and accept permissions
  • If Google Play is not running, we can clean the app’s data in Settings> Applications
  • We need a Google account to have access to all Google Play services


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