Intel promises to launch chips at 10nm for June and 7nm in 2020

Within the event Intel investor meeting we can see the future plans for their new products for this next June manufacturing in 10nm and also announced its plans for 2020 where it expects to reach 7nm. Undoubtedly a step forward because AMD is gaining market share quickly with its Ryzen CPUs and Vega GPU that will also jump to 7nm in its next generation expected at the end of 2019.

intel 10nm 2019 n03 min

For months now that Intel is trying to start the mass production of its chips at 10nm, we have even seen a product using these processors anecdotally but now it seems that it is real (we’ll see). The first processors to release the 10nm will be the Ice Lake that are intended for low-power laptops, basically the classic U family that puts the limit on the 15W TPD that is what we have in the current Whiskey Lake.

According to Intel data, the new Ice Lake at 10nm have a 2x performance increase in GPU, 3x in artificial intelligence, 2.8x improvement in wireless transfers, 10x improvement in Standby consumption and up to 2x in operating efficiency. Nothing of the GPU technology that we assume will be Gen11 is specified, nor do we know anything about the Forevos architecture, so we assume that it waits for the next jumps in 10+ and 10++ nm.

intel 10nm 2019 n02 min

The dates coincide with the last leak of Intel products in 10nm that we saw a few weeks ago, something that gives us something more hope after so many dates delayed by Intel. The production in 7nm already points to 2021 for the CPUs although it is possible that we see them in 2020 in the new range GPUs from Intel.

No doubt soon we will begin to see leaks of models from Dell and HP laptops with these processors for the Christmas campaign. We hope that soon we will see how it jumps low-power processors for miniPC and replace the current Gemini Lake with the already veteran Goldmont architecture.

intel 10nm 2019 n01 min

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