Intel presents its products at 10nm Lakefield and Ice Lake

Intel has presented in this CES 2019 the first functional prototypes based on Lakefield and Ice Lake, two products made in 10nm that offer us a very interesting technological leap and that we saw in its presentation a few weeks ago. With the competition of AMD with the future 7nm Intel has had to press the accelerator and although it focuses on the 10nm we have Forevos as technology that allows to assemble the components of the CPU in 3D using layers.

Intel lakeflied n01

With Lakefield we have one of the smallest PC boards we have seen, in a tiny size thanks to the Forevos system we have all the necessary components to have a complete PC experience. As we see in the presentation video we have in the same package with a Hybrid CPU design (big.LITTLE) that integrates a Sunny Cove Core CPU made in 10nm with low power Atom cores. With this design an interesting reduction of consumption is obtained and it allows us to assemble in other layers all the necessary components to have a complete SoC.

A very interesting product for mini PCs, laptops and any low-power device with small size, which also integrates a powerful Gen 11 GPU with a performance far superior to the current Gen 9. Without doubt one of the most interesting assets of Intel facing 2019.

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