More details on Intel Alder Lake low-power CPUs with Foveros 3D

Today we have new information about the upcoming Intel Alder Lake-P Gen12 low power processors, highly anticipated chips where Intel’s big.LITTLE technology called Foveros 3D will be used for the first time.

These processors, mainly focused on laptops, integrate the low-power Foveros 3D technology based on the big.LITTLE concept that predominates in ARM SoCs. These processors combine low-power Atom-type cores with other high-performance Core-type cores. The new Intel Iris Xe LP GPUs integrated in these Intel processors are good news as they represent a considerable leap in performance with respect to the outdated Intel HD Graphics.

intel alder lake n01

As we can see in the table of leaked Intel Alder Lake-P Gen12 processors we have multiple variants divided grouped by their consumption. We have from the M family between 5 and 9 W with a 1/2 high power cores + 4/8 low power cores, the P family between 12 and 45 W with 2/4 high power cores + 4/8 low power cores and finally the S-BGA family between 45 and 55 W with a 4/8 high power cores + 8 low power cores. The most popular will undoubtedly be the U15 which will replace the current mid-range.

In the graphics section, as we can see, there will be no changes with respect to Gen11 and an Intel Iris Xe GPU will be integrated in the same package, with variants between 32/48/80/96 EU depending on the processor.

We have also known the socket types of each family, Alder Lake-M will use a BGA1781 with a low height, Alder Lake-P takes advantage of the BGA1744 socket with a lower number of pins than Alder Lake-M, while Alder Lake-S uses the BGA1964 socket. The desktop Alder Lake-S will be based on an LGA1700 socket format.

It is very likely that these processors will be unveiled on July 26th at Intel’s conference dedicated to its new process roadmap, an interesting and necessary leap to compete with AMD.

intel acelerated n03


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