Intel introduces its new Gen11 processors with 10nm architecture

The new Intel Gen11 processors manufactured in 10 nm for desktops and laptops were presented at CES 2011, and the new Alder Lake with big.LITTLE technology was also unveiled.

Within the new Intel 11th Generation processors we have several families, on the one hand the new Rocket Lake for desktop and on the other hand the new Tiger Lake for laptops in Gaming or Ultrabook format where we have integrated Intel Xe GPUs. A leap forward of Intel, we hope to compete with AMD that today has the domain in all sectors, perhaps this will incite a bit of a price fight despite the lack of supply.

Intel Rocket Lake

The new Intel Rocket Lake desktop processors manufactured in 10nm theoretically offer us a performance increase of up to +19% IPC (instructions per cycle), something that we will see in future real analyses. In these processors have integrated Intel Xe GPUs that improve up to +50% graphics performance with respect to the outdated Intel HD Graphics GPUs. On the other hand, we have specific hardware to improve IA calculations so important today.

intel gen11 rocket lake n01 min

Within these new desktop processors we have Cypress Cove CPUs with 8 physical cores and 16 execution threads, DDR4-3200 memory controller, they have PCIe Gen4 support and improve PCIe transmission with 20 lines for communication with internal storage and installed GPUs. We also have USB 3.2 Gen 2 support with transmission speeds up to 20 Gbps.

In the graphics section, in addition to the Intel Xe GPU, we have H.265, VP9, SCC decoding support and the new AV1 codec up to 4K@60fps with HDMI 2.0b HBR3 output. These processors require new motherboards with Intel 500 chipset that will be presented at this same CES.

intel gen11 rocket lake n02

Intel Tiger Lake

On the other hand this 11th generation of Intel also extends its low power processors for laptops with the Tiger Lake manufactured in 10nm, within this family we find several versions such as the Tiger Lake-H higher performance with consumption up to 35W TPD and Tiger Lake-U low power that stays between 25 and 28 W TPD.

intel gen11 tiger lake h n02 min

Within the new Intel Tiger Lake processors we have 4 cores and 8 threads, although there is a model that has 2 cores and 4 threads. In the graphics section the integrated Intel Xe GPU differs by the number of cores that can be 48, 80 or 96 depending on the power that promise games at 4K and 1080p at +70fps. They have Wi-Fi 6/6E support, PCIe Gen4 connectivity and support Thunderbot 4 connection ports in the most powerful versions.

intel gen11 tiger lake h n03 min

Intel Alder Lake

As a last announcement we have the future Intel Alder Lake processors that will bring for the first time to the desktop the big.LITTLE technology that we have already seen in ARM processors in mobiles. In these processors we will have different architectures, on the one hand we will have low consumption cores for simple tasks, and we will also have more powerful processors for tasks that require power. A very interesting innovation that we are supposed to see in 2021, although knowing Intel we can expect some delays.

intel alder lake n03

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