Intel introduces its new Whiskey Lake-U and Amber Lake-Y processors

From the Intel conference at Computex 2018 in Taipei we have news of the new Intel products and a new delay in its 10nm processors that mark its release in 2019, products that are currently only distributed in small quantities and that we have seen symbolically on a laptop. In this same presentation we have seen the new Whiskey Lake-U processors focused on the market of low consumption and Amber Lake-Y that is intended for ultra low consumption, the two manufactured in 14nm obviously.

intel computex 2018 ul d01

Whiskey Lake-U will be a new model of 8th generation manufactured in 14nm, an update of the current Kaby Lake-R with a consumption of 15W TPD and intended for the sector of light laptops, notebooks, All-in-One systems and mini PCs. A product that will apparently bring a 5% improvement in performance indicating that the 14nm are in their maximum optimization. On the other hand it seems that they can integrate new drivers in the kernel as support for USB 3.1 Gen2 natively, something that brings us improvements in connectivity.

intel computex 2018 ul n01

Amber Lake-Y on the other hand updates the Kaby Lake-Y family that goes from a consumption of 4.5W TPD to 5W TPD with the consequent improvement in power, a point that seems possible thanks to the improvement of the thermal dissipation solution integrated in the core. A family of processors for passive laptops and other very low-power computers. In the graphical section we do not have news with what it is to suppose that we will continue with the current technology of GPU and VPU.

intel computex 2018 ul n02

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