Intel Jasper Lake the new low power processors for mini PCs and laptops

New Intel processors dedicated to the low consumption sector with the name of Jaster Lake, processors that as a major attraction have the jump to 10 nm with the implications in efficiency that this entails.

These processors with Tremont cores come to replace the despised Atom but basically are identical, we have a 30% improvement in performance in the CPU cores by reducing the manufacturing process, this hardware continues using the Intel HD Graphics Gen11 GPUs that are unable to compete with the AMD Vega in this sector.

These new Intel Jasper Lake processors are divided into two families and have as always a confusing nomenclature. On the one hand we have three variants for the laptop sector that will focus on ultrabooks with a consumption of 6W and on the other hand we have those destined for the mini-PC sector with a slightly higher consumption of 10W.

Intel Pentium Silver N600041,1 GHz3,1 GHzMobile 6W
Intel Celeron N51004 1,1 GHz2,8 GHzMobile 6W
Intel Celeron N45002 1,1 GHz2,8 GHzMobile 6W
Intel Pentium Silver N600542,0 GHz3,3 GHzDesktop 10W
Intel Celeron N51054 2,0 GHz2,8 GHzDesktop 10W
Intel Celeron N45052 2,0 GHz2,9 GHzDesktop 10W


The important point of these processors is its Intel HD Graphics Gen11 GPU that as far as we can see continues with the poor performance of its previous versions and has nothing to do with the promising Intel Xe that we will see in the Intel Tiger Lake processors in their desktop versions.

With this decision we have to forget about having HDR support or 4K resolutions in Netflix for example, so we keep it as now, with a quite limited GPU. Compared with the simplest AMD Mobile processors we have already seen in several mini PCs these processors are born outdated and do not represent competition, only in the lower range for office use where they will compete in price.


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