Intel Jasper Lake the basis for the new low consumption Pentium and Celeron processors

New announcement of low power Intel Jasper Lake processors from CES 2021, in this case the Pentium and Celeron that we will see installed in many mini PCs and laptops soon.

The new Intel Jasper Lake processors are based on Tremont technology manufactured in 10 nm and we finally abandoned the 14 nm so exploited with minimal progress. These new cores that replace the current Goldmont+, mean a substantial improvement in power and significantly update the possibilities of this platform.

In the new range of Pentium and Celeron processors we have two groups well differentiated by their maximum consumption that can be 10 W or 6 W TPD, very low figures ideal for mounting in systems that require minimum ventilation or even completely passive solutions. All these processors still mount an Intel UHD Graphics GPU and do not jump to the more powerful Intel Xe that if we find in the 11th generation Intel Core processors, a real shame.

Cores/ThreadsBaseTurboDDR4GPU FreqTPD
Pentium N60054/42 GHz3.3 GHz2933 MHz900 MHz10 W
Celeron N51054/42 GHz2.9 GHz2934 MHz800 MHz10 W
Celeron N45052/22 GHz2.9 GHz2935 MHz750 MHz10 W
Pentium N60004/41.1 GHz3.3 GHz2936 MHz850 MHz6 W
Celeron N51004/41.1 GHz2.8 GHz2937 MHz800 MHz6 W
Celeron N45002/21.1 GHz2.8 GHz2938 MHz750 MHz6 W

The new Intel Jasper Lake based on Tremont achieve an improvement in consumption and incorporate new instructions to increase performance and are much more similar to conventional Core cores. As we can see from the data provided by Intel, these processors are mainly aimed at Chromebook laptops, where they have a large market, mainly in the USA. There is no doubt that Chinese manufacturers will quickly adopt them to assemble all types of mini PCs and laptops like the ones we now have with the previous generation chips.

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