Intel Lakefield with Foveros 3D technology promises to fight AMD

From the Intel Newsroom we have news of the new Intel Lakefield processors with Foveros 3D technology, a presentation that seems to want to face the new AMD Ryzen Mobile 4000 family that will appear on the market imminently. For now everything on paper sounds great from Intel, but as always the deadlines in the real world are the great weakness of Intel that are eternalized to release a new product.

intel forevos lakefield n01

One of the advantages of Intel Lakefield is the possibility of having smaller PC boards thanks to the Foveros 3D system and its vertical layering system. We have in the same package a Hybrid CPU design (big.LITTLE) that integrates a Sunny Cove CPU cores made in 10nm with Tremont cores, the successors of the old Goldmont Plus in low consumption. Perhaps we will see new desktop processors only with new Tremont remembering the old Atom ?, it is possible.

intel forevos lakefield n03

In this small processor of only 1mm thick thanks to Foveros we have a powerful Gen11 GPU is also integrated with a performance that theoretically doubles the current Gen9, something essential to stand up to the AMD Vega GPUs that sweep the current Intel HD Graphics generation. As we can see everything that is raised is interesting and represents a promising leap in the low consumption sector, but until you are on the street with a competitive production and price we have to be patient.

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