Intel N95, performance of the new modest low-power chip

We already have the first benchmarks of one of the future Alder Lake-N processors, specifically the Intel N95, a chip of the most economical range.

This low power processor will be one of the first we will see used in the new generations of Intel CPUs for its Pentium or Celeron range that we usually see in all mini PCs. We hope that soon computers with this new range will go on sale to see its full potential in our reviews.

intel loco pentium celeron

Intel N95 Specifications

The Intel N95 is a Quad Core with 4 threads using Gracemont cores with a base frequency of 1.7 Ghz. The L3 cache is 6 MB and the L2 cache is 2 MB. This is an entry-level processor with a very low power consumption, probably intended for low-cost laptops, mini PC’s and other products that do not require high power in 2023. The GPU will be an Intel UHD Gen12 with 32 EU and support for codecs such as AV1 and VP9, good for multimedia but obviously very limited when running games.

The performance is not surprising, as the Intel N95 is not far ahead of a Celeron N5095, although we assume that its consumption will be lower. We hope that superior models such as the Intel N100 and Intel N200 will offer superior performance, for the moment the N95 is not very exciting to say the least.

Intel N95 benchmark


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