Intel Optane SSD 800P with 3D Xpoint memory now on sale

The new Intel Optane 800P SSDs are now on sale, devices intended for the general public that stand out for using the revolutionary high-performance Xpoint 3D memories developed by Intel and Micron. These SSDs are currently not high capacity and the first references of the family are designed to house operating systems and programs where the access speed is an important requirement since currently available capacities are only 58 and 118 GB.

Intel optane SSD 800P

The new Intel Optane 800P SSDs come in M.2 2280 format (80 mm long) and NVMe PCIe 3.0 x 2 interface that paradoxically acts as a bottleneck for Xpoint 3D memories that do not reach their full power with this interface. In any case, the increase in performance compared to SSDs equipped with traditional memories is significant since we would be talking about a global improvement of more than 25%. Those who want even more speed can mount these units in RAID because these devices also allow it, finally highlighting its consumption at negligible rest of only 8 mw that makes it very suitable for all types of laptops, convertibles and tablets.

Intel optane SSD 800P 01

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