Intel presents its 9th generation of processors

Intel has officially presented its 9th generation of processors, chips that are a refresher of the current Coffee Lake technology and that provide little new features regarding the 8th generation. We continue with the 14nm and with a gross power per core less and less attractive compared to the one offered by AMD Ryzen, which are winning interest fo his prices and multi-core performance. Also with the announcement of the new generation Zen 2 in 7nm Intel will have to push the accelerator to offer something interesting next year, especially seeing how it delays its jump to 10nm already announced and postponed so many times.

intel 9a gen 2018 d01

The new 9th generation Intel processors include a better cooling system for the core with soldered STIM that offer direct contact of the core with the surface of the processor, an improvement expected by lovers of the overclock that will imply a substantial improvement when using any cooling method. On the other hand these processors integrate hardware protection for the two security holes Meltdown and Specter in their first variants, the new derived holes are still covered with software solutions that seem quite effective. As we see the models Core i5 and Core i7 lose the hyperthreading and only we have the physical cores.

intel 9a gen 2018 n01a

At the hardware level we have as a novelty the inclusion in the core of a Wifi AC adapter that allows manufacturers to integrate CNVi cards, we also have a native USB 3.1 Gen 2 connector, support for SDXC card reader, DP 1.4 video outputs and three other outputs DP 1.2, HDMI 1.4 and HDMI 2.0a with HDR support. At the graphic level we will have the same integrated GPU of the 8th generation Intel UHD Graphics 630, so in this aspect the progress is minimal. These new processors will be released to the market on October 19, yet there are still to be presented all the low-power processors that we hope will bring more interesting news.

intel 9a gen 2018 n03





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